“Be still and know that I am God”

We aren’t too good at being still.  Especially in my life, I get up, have my quiet time ( during which I need to read a couple chapters, go through some of my prayer list, etc ), then I get ready, go to work.  On the way I listen to something ( often a book ), I work all day.  At lunch I typically go out with people, listen to a book, or browse the web.  My breaks or times I’m having to walk between buildings/meetings, I read email, check facebook, listen to something.  I go home, take care of my child, spend time with my wife.  When my daughter goes down, we finish up what’s been waiting for the two of us to have free hands to do, we watch tv, we sleep.  I’ve managed to fill most of the empty times with something to do.

There’s the saying “idle hands are the devils workshop” ( or something like that ).  The thought I get from that is to keep busy or you will get yourself in trouble.  I have seen that with people often where they don’t stay active, don’t have some sort of project/goal, and end up depressed or getting themselves into things they shouldn’t.  So there’s something to having a task, but not too much.  I think we find more of ourselves in the quiet times, when we don’t have stuff to do.  If I can’t control myself then, what use is running myself ragged.  There’s something more to this, but I don’t know how to describe my feelings there.

In the last session Neville spoke about this.  He mentioned a couple areas.  We need to have still quiet time.  A time where we can not be interrupted, where we can sit still and let our mind rest.  On top of that, we have to let go of our cares.  This can take some time to let things go out of our head and come into stillness.  This also takes trust in God.  When you stop, do you worry about the money, about the bills, what you need to do for work tomorrow.   Or do you trust the Lord to help take care of all these things, and just relax and open yourself to Him.

Be still.  Find somewhere quiet when you can.  This is part of the waiting time I’m attempting to do.  I’ve still been a little off-track. I haven’t pulled off my 30 minutes a day as well, but I am still getting times in usually at least every other day.  I don’t hit 30 minutes all the time.  I was trying to make this part of my morning routine, but I don’t think that’s working for me.  I just can’t do that, read my bible, and spend time in prayer.  Not without getting up at 5am, which I couldn’t do.  So I’m working some in at lunch, some at home, trying to figure out a good pattern.  Though a pattern still isn’t my goal, it’s to want this bad enough that even if I don’t have a set time, I will make time.  So I find somewhere quiet, then just try to relax.  I think about Jesus, imagine Him in different parts of the Bible.  Picture Him moving.  Let’s see where it goes from here.