There are some truths that are too important to let yourself forget.

1. I can be in His presence.  Not just at church, not just during worship, but all throughout the day.  I stand in His presence if my heart is upon Him.

2. I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.  The Lord is my beloved.  The one who gave so much to win me over. 

To remember these, is to remember my place in things.  For too long I’ve been caught up in the little things of this world, the worries of life, the pleasures of the flesh, the comforts I have.  They all lead to the same place, nowhere. 

I believe that I bounce around too much and don’t stick it out to find truth.  The same as the beginning of this blog.  I started with a truth, and I seem to have wandered off.  Unwilling to pay the price, I find myself unwilling to keep the truths given me.  They’re the seeds upon the shallow ground, I grab hold, but don’t have enough depth for them to bloom.