Here I am, nearing the end of the year, wishing I had done better.  As I look back, I think I had really failed from the start.  I seemed to do well for a couple months, but I had missed something.  I had shot for it, but wasn’t ready.  The Bond-Servant role.  I thought that I could do it, but it came back to get me.  I want things my way too much.  I wasn’t ready to give up certain areas.  To give my free time.  To chance rocking the boat in my family.  I wasn’t willing to step on faith in a life I have lived so carefully.

The bond-servant must be looking toward pleasing the master, and not others.  His focus is always on his Lord.  It’s not that He doesn’t care for others, but that he cares for them in His service to the Lord.  He isn’t willing to waste time on traditions and lip-service, because he knows he has so little time, and wants it to be worthwhile.  Yet, the bond-servant can walk through a day of chores and menial tasks with a heart of joy, knowing that all he does is for the Lord.

As I get close to this new year, I am slowly trying to shed this other desires away in the service of my beloved.  I have started again 2 days ago with taking my time apart for Him.  I’ve come to a basic new regiment, at least for normal days(when I work).

I plan to wake up in the morning, have a short time of reading, then my 30 minutes looking to the Lord.  On my way to work I’ll spend the time in prayer.  On the way home I’m free to listen to whatever, whether that’s a book or more like podcasts.  I need to catch up on  Paul Keith Davis message, then I think I’ll go back to the original Quest messages, to refresh myself.  Our church is having a 30 day fasting period to look to the future, so I’ll be taking a lot of my lunches to spend time in prayer during January.  I hope this gives me some direction, as I feel my writing starting to kick back into gear.