Thanks to a previous comment, I now have something amazing.  Youtube videos of Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj.  I’ve heard his named mentioned by a couple other men of God that I listen to, and only had a small message or two of his, but here is a series of four messages of him talking exlusively about Waiting on God and Walking with God.  The same thing that I am desiring so badly.  Initially this just drove home the similarities between what he is preaching and what Neville has.  They come from different angles, but seem to have the same core truths.  Here’s the list that Sadhu gave of the five things to do to reach this.

1. Learn how to build fellowship with God(Sadhu) – Sounds like practicing His presence(Neville)

2. Learn how to properly meditate on the Word of God(Sadhu) – Revelation transforms our mind(Neville)

3. Learn the art of waiting on God(Sadhu) – Waiting on God, visualizing him(Neville)

4. Live a life of holiness(Sadhu) – Same basic message of holiness(Neville)

5. Live a life of obedience(Sadhu) – Bond-servant(Neville)

The only big difference I really saw was that Neville focused more on the visual piece of this.  For Him it was the waiting on God and picturing Him.  For Sadhu the focus was more on clearing your mind of everything and becoming completely still.  My main concern here is that when I become still, I don’t seem to have that love that I get by trying to focus my vision and feelings on the Lord.  Perhaps I should be visualize more during the day, thinking on him, focusing my love on Him, but then getting still and just waiting for Him.

So, having said this, the videos below are a must watch.  I went through them all in about 3 days, and it was just so much info, I’m having to go through them again.  He’s such a good speaker and he has sooo much to say.  It’s amazing the stories and how real he is.  It’ll stir you up.  Can’t think of much else to say.

Watch the video here