So I just couldn’t resist sharing this story. I picked out waking at 5am for now. I want something that I can’t maintain in my strength, but I also want to build up. 5:40 I’ve done enough, but I never have time. So anyway, I pull it off one day, then the next this happens.

First we fall asleep on the couch, not the strangest thing in my family. I make it up, try to move her to bed, and fail, again not out of the ordinary.

Then my wife finally comes wandering in at……4:50. This presents a couple problems
1) she doesn’t know how early I’m getting up, I haven’t exactly explained this to her, she just knows I get up early. So I can’t just get up, or I’ll have an explanation at 4:50am, not the best time for explanations
2) my alarm will go off in 10 minutes, and there is no way she will be asleep enough to sleep through that.

So I do the only reasonable thing, I turn it off and wait for her to fall asleep to sneak out. I think we all know how that will end.

The best part is I don’t even know that I can blame the enemy on this, seems too perfect for even that, more like God playing a joke and getting a little laugh out of it.

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