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Tongue-test – Updates

  • 5/17 – Started out.  Did about 40 minutes today.
  • 5/18 – Got a little over an hour.  Done while mowing and quiet time.  Since right now my mind seems to do more harm that good, I’m hoping that praying while doing other tasks is as effective.  I really don’t know for sure.
  • 5/19 – Noticing a little more fealing of the presence of the Lord yesterday and today, better in control of my emotions.  Not much else.  It’s a sunday and I figure weekends will be hard to keep up, since I tend to spend more of that time with family and you can’t interact and pray in tongues at the same time.
  • 5/21 – Still keeping it up.  Handled a pretty hard test today that normally would’ve made me react much more.  Seem to have better control.
  • 5/26 – Maybe a little short today, but done well every other day.  Nothing huge to note yet.  I have been much quicker to seek forgiveness and try to stay holy.  That’s really a different topic, but I’m sure it’s interrelated.
  • 5/30 – Almost 2 weeks now.  Yesterday I ahd something a little new.  As I’m praying, it’s likely it hits me that I can pray directly to the God of the universe.  It’s one of those things your mind knows, but suddenly your heart gets it.  Then I spent the next 20 minutes or so in excited praying in tongues, as I thought about God being there, listening, and it’s like I could feel His presence there with me as I drew nearer to Him.  I’ve also gone much longer with a stronger focus on the Lord than I’ve done in a long time, including making it through some stressful situations.
  • 6/3 – Still going, nothing huge to update, other than the fact I’m still going. To have got for over 2 weeks and still be pretty focused on the Lord is good for me.
  • 6/17- I finished the month, though I was probably averaging about 45 minutes a day, plus weekends got tougher near the end

Overall, it’s tough to say.  I’m still a little unsure on this whole thing.  I had a bit more trouble toward the end, I was really pulling off the whole hour most of the time.  Pretty soon after this I started falling off a bit, and then I got on call and had a lack of sleep, then let myself get caught up too much in a book and really got off track for a little bit.  What I can say though is that I haven’t been as focused on the Lord and as steady as during this month in a while, and when I started falling off because of issues, things got really bad.  I also feel like I’m not really doing things right.  I’m just praying in tongues, but typically I’m thinking about in number of other things and not the Lord.  I’m trying again, but more focused this time.


In a way, this is sort of scary for me, I’ll explain as we go.  Let’s just start with Romans 8:1

Therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.

It’s a verse that I have studied some, I have written a little about it.  As of about a week ago, I was pretty sure what it meant.  If I were to teach on this, I’d talk about how that being saved, we’ve been freed from this life of condemnation.  The Law was about condemnation, the cross is about grace.  So when we fall into sin, we need to repent, but don’t stay in condemnation for our God is greater.  In fact, I might’ve gone as far to say that God would rather still talk to us when we fall into sin than for us to fall into shame and shut him off.

Then I heard the King James version…

There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.

Wait… where’d that last part come from.  Sure enough, it’s there in the greek ( as if I know greek ), but NASB and NIV just leave it out.  Looks to me like a separate criteria.  There’s no condemnation to those who walk after the spirit.  I’ve seen plenty of Christians that walk after the flesh.  They’ve made their turtle dove sacrifice for salvation, but haven’t moved on to given over greater parts of their lives.  So suddenly the message of this verse has changed.  Now there’s no condemnation for the holy.  Those who have set themselves apart.

This is why I want to learn to listen, to have the Lord able to reveal more to me.  Otherwise I take a verse that I think I know the meaning of, and possibly go off teaching others in error.  In a way, it’s almost a little terrifying to me.  I want to know that I’m in the truth.

  • 5/13(?) – Don’t know the exact date, but I figure it was last Monday. Started anew.  I’m waking up earlier in the morning, that’s interesting in itself.  Spending about 30 minutes of that time being still before the Lord.  I am also kneeling.  I used to kneel sometimes to pray but Brother Sadhu has me convinced I should do that at least until I hear different from the Lord.
  • 5/19 – I’ve continued all week with about 30 minutes each morning.  Seems like the morning is the best time.  Couple things I’ve noticed.  1) Position is difficult.  So kneeling is not comfortable unless I rest on something, at which point I fall asleep.  My feet always fall asleep unless I’m moving.  Sadly it’s a distraction.  My current approach is finding some padding under my ankles to keep them from losing all blood flow. 2) Stillness – At most I”ve probably made it about 10 minutes without my mind wandering.  This is very difficult.  I think because of the way I usually am(lots of multitasking) and how much I’ve filled my mind with junk, it’s just hard to be empty. 3) Results – Nothing from the spirit that I can tell.  I do seem more rested.  I am losing some sleep, but seem better in the day.  I think the waiting is actually renewing my strength just as the scripture says.  I’ll know more the longer I do this.
  • 5/21 – Continue to have trouble making it up in time.  Some days are more tired than others, most days are fairly normal.  Going to try and push it to 5am.  That’ll be a good test on whether I’m about to keep this up, I just have to make it up.  According to Sadhu, 7 days is the point where your body adjusts, so we’ll see.
  • 5/26 – Well, only made it about 2 or 3 days, had the funny episode.  Anyway, made it up at 5:20 this morning(oops), but at least I’m back on track.  Want to do the 7 days and see how it goes for me.
  • 5/30 – Last couple days I was making it up by 5:15-5:20.  Not what I was shooting for, but still earlier than I typically do.  Today my body got me.  I let myself get so tired yesterday(I think part of it was letting myself get overwhelmed), I snoozed for 30 minutes this morning without realizing it.  Didn’t actully make it up till 5:35.  Now, I went to sleep about 12:15, so it’s still less sleep than I should be able to do, and I still made my waiting time, just didn’t get any praise time this morning.  I’m having little episodes like I mentioned a couple months ago in the blog.  I’m waiting, then I get this impression that someone is with me.  Today I felt as if someone knelt next to me and prayed with me to the Lord.  It’s more like Neville’s talks of your imagination working to show you the spirit.
  • 6/3 – Well I sort of made it.  Again on the weekend I got off a bit.  I made it up in time to having my waiting time, but maybe not close to 5.  Usually closer to 6.  Got up at 5 this morning.  Seemed a little easier today.  Odd thing is, after getting ready, that gave me 1.5 hours, and it barely seemed like any time.  It’s like I really need more time in the morning to really spend with the Lord.

Well, guess I stop for now.  I’ll give updates every so often if I can keep it up or not.  It definitely wears on me a bit still, I can feel how much my body wants sleep, but I want the Lord more.