This was about a week back, but basically I was spending some time in prayer that morning and asked God to help show me something that is causing me an issue.  Basically I’m asking for areas of my life that are blocking my relationship with Him so I know what to focus on.  After praying for that, I continued my morning time and moved on.

After this I get ready for church and start going to church.  Now let me preface that we had just had a long conversation the day before about something I was supposed to do in the morning and had forgotten, and how I really need to make sure and do this.  Well guess what I forgot?  Of course.  So in the car ride she asks if I did that, and I didn’t.  So this immediately makes me feel a bit stupid because I had just forgotten what we talked about the day before, that I should’ve known then.  My wife of course is a bit frustrated with me.  Now, rather than admitting I messed up again and being humble about it, I let my pride get hurt.  Then, as happens when you let your pride get in the way, I lash out…. like a 5-year old.  Seriously, I acted like a little child.  Which again makes me feel even more dumb.

So I was thinking that maybe there is something here the Lord is trying to show me.  Later in the day I put on Sadhu talking about Open Heavens, and he basically started by saying the first thing that can stop you from entering an open heaven, is pride.

1. God shows me I’m not that great in that I can’t remember simple things

2. God shows me how prideful I am in myself that it bothers me.

3. God shows me how foolish I am when I let my pride get hurt and lash out.

4. He gives me a message that points the finger right at what he’s showing me.

Ok, I got it.