Sigh, should’ve known better.  But seriously, I am serious about this all.  So I come before the Lord a week or so back(after the last post about Commitment, I sat on that a while), and bring up my life before Him and ask Him to reveal to me what is holding me back from Him.  What keeps me from hearing him and seeing Him.

Nothing immediate, I could come up with the usual stuff, but then over the next few days, it just started coming.  I’ll just list out some stuff off the top of my head.  I really should write this stuff down as I go cause I forget stuff and he’ll have to remind me later.

  • Previous Commitment, more personal, don’t want to go into that
  • Lust of the eyes – I’m not overly bad here, but guys know how easy it is to glance back.  Something I have been fighting with for a while, this became my next commitment/consecration.  I’ll speak more of that another time probably.
  • Pride – I just don’t know how to get a handle on this.  It’s not just in looking at sin, but become totally dependent upon Him.  This is engrained pretty deeply in me.
  • Family – I’ve made my family an idol.  Not only do I sometimes put them before God, but I’m also not making them part of my spiritual life.  We’re not praying and studying together as we should.  Gonna have to fix that.
  • Attitude – Man, I let my attitudes control me too much.  I’m a fairly patient, easy going guy, and yet I can get discouraged, offended, and angry like everyone else.  And when that happens, I’m letting the enemy do his thing.
  • Thought life – Needs to go through the filter.  Whatever is pure, whatever is right…  I let my thoughts wander, I day-dream, I don’t focus, etc.

So, I think there’s more, but that’s just what I have right now off the top of my head.  The Lord has a lot of work to do, but He also has a lot of grace.