So I’ve been listening to and getting a lot of different stuff over the past couple months.  I’ve adding a number of things to what I was starting with and found that I got a little overwhelmed with where I was focused.  Figure it’s a good time to get back to the basics.  I went through and updated my “Journey Steps” page.  It now includes a number of new areas.  Think of it as a condensed list of all the areas of my life that are involved with waiting upon the Lord.  Originally that was the different steps I followed, I sort of turned it into more of an outline of the concepts and steps.  May have to re-do that again later.

But for this post, I’m just thinking about the action items themselves.  Here’s the list of the day-by-day things I feel are so important for me to follow if I’m to keep moving forward here.

  1. Get up early.  Time is my enemy.  My only chance to really find time with the Lord is to get up early, way early.  I really think I can only pull this off through God(original post here).  I’ve found if I cry out to God the night before saying I can only do this through Him, I tend to get the chance to wake up on time, otherwise I’ll probably sleep through my alarm.  I need to make this a habit, I guess starting today since I messed up this morning. =)
  2. Pray my prayer every day, at least twice a day(when I wake up, when I go to sleep).
  3. Start early with praise and worship.  Try to praise until I feel His presence.  In the morning this often takes me 15-20 minutes worth of songs, then I just try to worship a little
  4. Wait upon the Lord, at least for 20 minutes a day.  Wait expectantly, with emotion, and hope.
  5. Meditate on the Word.  Each morning I want a scripture to meditate on during my quiet time, but also through the day.  Either try to memorize, or memorize and quote.  The idea is to at least get one bit of revelation each day.
  6. Holiness is not an option.  If I fail, I repent immediately.  If I choose, I choose God.  Without holiness it’s impossible to see God.  Sin must be thrown off.
  7. Fast – At least once a week fast for at least a meal.  At first I’m focusing on breaking habitual sins, we’ll see where we go from there.
  8. Practice His presence – Consecrate my mind to Him.  Don’t daydream about other things, try to stay in His presence and visualize Him throughout the day.
  9. Pray in tongues – Spend some time in the morning, but also just randomly through the day.  Use to keep in a prayerful state.
  10. Intercession – Take time to intercede, crying out to God for things.  Whether that’s for this journey, or for others.