Guess I was sort of out of the loop the last couple weeks.  Looks like Bob Jones passed away on Valentines Day.  I’ve listened to a couple of messages from him, but never actually see him in person.  Based upon the words of others that I respect very highly, I have to consider him a great prophet and man of God.  Even though I have so little to do with him, I can’t help but be sadden by our loss and the Lord’s gain.  I believe He was used in so many ways by the Lord.

I know at one point he died and was sent back to help prepare the leaders for the end time harvest.  I can’t help but wonder if this marks a milestone.  If things are changing now, much like Moses passing away as they were to enter the promised land.  No revelation here, just curiosity.

Anyway, I just couldn’t go without dropping a post out here for him.