So I wanted to just post a quick update of something I found interesting today. Yesterday I was listening to Neville Johnson’s message on “When God knocks on your door”. He talks about how God may try to get your attention thoughout the day, and how the Holy Spirit uses different methods to catch your attention and see if you will step away to listen. Some of these were songs stuck in your head that you didn’t start, hearing your name but knowing no one said it, sudden presence of The Lord, other things like this.

So this morning I wake up late and miss some time I wanted. But as I’m getting ready I realize there’s a song stuck in my head. It’s “I can transform you”, by no means a Christian song, yet there it was. Seemed odd. So I stopped to ask The Lord if that was him. As I pondered on that I felt like The Lord was saying that he can transform me, I can’t do it on my own.  I have been trying to rely upon myself too much when I am such a sinner, it’s only God’s grace that moves me along.  I can choose, but I need His strength to enable me.  So at this point I humbled myself and asked the Lord to help me to keep Him in my thoughts today.

I get to work, and lose Him for a while.  I get caught up in lots of things, so really not so surprising.  This time I get the line from a Frozen song stuck in my head “Love is an open door”.  After it being there for a while, I stop and think again, hmm, maybe this is God knocking again.  So again, I wander off and think for a little bit and try to just pray a little and listen.  I keep coming back to the “open door”, that we have to make it through a door.  Either the revelation open door in heaven or “I stand at the door and knock”, either way, love is part of the key.  I need to not only keep my mind upon him, but with love.  That it’s the love for the Lord that helps to open the door.

Then again, a few hours later, I step away from my desk and the presence just hits me.  Slight presence, but there, and no reason, I hadn’t thought about Him yet.  Again, the Lord was just calling to me, reminding me to walk with Him.  I asked the Holy Spirit to help me to keep Him in my thoughts, and He keeps knocking, keeps trying to get my attention.