Do not cast me away from Your presence and do not take Your Holy Spirit from me. – Psalm 51:11

What was David concerned about?  We too easily read this and objectify it.  We think of God rejecting David and moving on.  But what would that mean.  What does it mean for the presence to go away, unless we could actually know it’s there.  We think of it for some saints in the Bible but don’t personalize it.  David knew of the presence of the Lord.  He didn’t just see it hidden among the things that happened around him, he felt it.


For David, the presence is a tangible thing, something that He could feel and see.  David was accustomed to the presence.  Moses was accustomed to being face to face.  We unfortunately are used to using verses to declare things we don’t even feel.  What is the presence to us?

I’ve started back working through Neville’s series on the quest to walk with God.  Today I listened to the “The Language of Heaven”.  In this he was saying that to cultivate a relationship with God, we have to go where He is.  There were plenty of verses talking about being in the spirit, about Jesus being on earth and in Heaven at the same time.  I won’t go into all those, but just make the point that we are part spirit, and our spirit has access to heaven.  On rare occasions the Lord will come into our world, but for the most part, we have to enter into His realm to spend time with Him.  Another thing that just made things make sense, is that he says prophets(and some others) have gifts that actually make this easier for them.  Their gifts give them access to God that the average Christian doesn’t have at first.  Neville says that this is there so that they can help everyone else move into that as well.  This explains people like Bobby Conner who could see angels when he was a child.  For most of us, we have to do this the normal way.  We have to work at it.

As he talked about entering into the spiritual realm to commune with God, he stressed how important it was to keep an aware of God’s presence.  He said that this is the first step toward seeing the Lord and entering into His realm.  I believe this is also a step before using your imagination to see the Lord.  He said that we need our hearts right, because sin will take you out.  If you sin, confess it quickly or you may lose the rest of the day of being in His presence.  I can attest to this one.  There’s nothing like condemnation to stand between you and God.  If you leave the sin too long, it’s like your mind decides that God wouldn’t walk to talk to me and now you’re out of it for a while.

As for the practicality of this, he suggested going to read Practicing His Presence by Brother Lawrence.  There was actually a free Kindle version of just his letters out there too, hadn’t seen that before, it’s now on my phone.  I had read this years ago, and tried it out some them, but then fell off.  I then tried again when first starting this quest, and again, fell off.

We need to get to a constant awareness of the Lord’s presence.  This happens through our focus primarily. Thinking of the Lord consistently, putting our emotions on Him.  Loving Him in our hearts constantly.  We can do this but for a small time, but we must practice and practice until it becomes natural habit.  He said that starting out while will have to refocus your attention many times throughout the day.  That is fine, that is normal.  The longer you do this, the less you will have to try.  How do I find His presence?  I find it much easier now than I ever have in the past.  Years ago, I would only feel it when worshipping, and even that just sometimes.

Enter His gates with thanksgiving And His courts with praise. – Psalm 100:4

His presence comes easier now.  This is one are that I actually feel like I’ve made progress lately.  I’m not exactly sure what it is, the only thing I can think is that as I’ve given more effort and more focus toward being with the Lord, I’ve drawn close.  I forgot where the verse is that says “draw near to God and He will draw near to you”.  In the morning it’s still hard to get into His presence, this can take some time in worship and prayer.  Once I’m in though, coming back during the day is easier.  I can just stop, come before the Lord and speak to Him in my heart, and often find His presence.  Think of it like courting a woman.  If I were to leave flowers for my wife, send her texts, leave her notes, etc.  I bet she would come to see me sooner rather than later.  I would go out of my way to try and find her and just stay with her.  Same with the Lord.  My love for Him has grown, and that’s a lot of the key.

Now to take this the next step and try to continually keep an awareness of Him.  To bring Him into every part of my life.  I did a little better at this yesterday and found that I really didn’t have any actions I was ashamed of.  Guess it makes sense, if your heart is on the Lord, you’re much less likely to sin.  Looks like a chance to work on this self-discipline I spoke of.  If I’m serious about this, I need to make this work.