Guess I should do a little catchup.

Ok, about 3-4 months ago my wife suddenly work up with some rather major medical issues.  I’m not going into much details, but let’s just say we’ve been to the ER multiple times, about 8 different doctors, CAT scan, MRI’s, blood tests, etc.  We’ve also basically tested for cancel, tumors, MS, and a number of other bad things.

In the end, all the bad stuff came out negative. We’re recovering at this point, but even then it’s not all gone and we’re dealing with the aftermath of the different things that happened.

Oh, and she had a problem with her job early on.  My job has been very busy, which doesn’t help when I’m staying home every other day for a couple weeks.  I’d end up doing work at 11pm at night, 6am in the morning, any time I could fit stuff in.  I’m still behind on things.

I really don’t know what happened.  I don’t know what reason there is for all this.  I can make up reasons, but don’t have anything sure from the Lord.  I mostly made it through this.  My time’s suffered.  I think overall we held up better than we have in other critical situations. Still had my failures and such, but also still standing here.

One conclusion I did come to was that I wasn’t ready for the health issues.  I haven’t spent enough timing upon the promises of the Lord for our health, I didn’t have the faith to stand upon that, knowing what He has provided.  I told myself that wouldn’t happen again if we get out.

So I’m finally coming back around, making the time to seek the Lord.  Three months is a long time to be off in the wilderness.  It’s been hard.

But God is good.