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Link to youtube videos.

I’ve just began and man… I only listened to the first two so far.  So far even better than last year.  Nathan, if you happen to be reading, where did you go?  Can’t seem to find you, you were my conference buddy to go let me know how it was.

Anyway, first was Neville, speaking of things coming. Americans, need to listen.

Second one really hit me.  It was his son Mark.  He talked about early on, how his eyes were opened and Jesus began to speak to him.  I always love those stories, but it was just simple and profound.  Then speaking of the sort of daily walk he has.  The things that have happened.  You just have to listen.


I’m pretty sure the answer is like many questions such as this.  Sometimes. =)

I was thinking of this while mediating upon Psalm 119.  Never wanted to read it much because it’s so long.  Sigh, I’m so silly sometimes.  Hit this verse:

My eyes anticipate the night watches, That I may meditate on Your word. – Psalm 119:148

I was thinking about this a while.  When others would dread the night watch, trying to stay awake, most likely by themselves in the dark, just dreaming of going back to bed; David was excited.  He had some alone time, quiet, with nothing to do but meditate on the Word.  He had a busy life just like us, so when he had the shift to do nothing, he was excited to have the time alone to think upon God’s word.

So when your child is up at night, and you’re stuck rocking them for an hour, why not make it a joy?  When you have that short alone time at home, you can turn on the TV, or just meditate upon the Word.  Facebook or Bible.  I can tell you what most choose.

So as I began to grasp this, I also began to notice the people in my life who complained about not being able to sleep.  I began to be jealous.  To wake up in the middle of the night and not being able to sleep, awesome, let me get up and have some time with God.  My life is so busy with what I have, that I crash every night and barely make it up.  I deeply desire for more time to pray and meditate.  I hunger for it like I do food ( and trust me, I like food ).  Now more than ever, my time is scarce, which is why you’ve heard from me so often.

So I wonder.  When you wake up at night and can’t sleep, is that God calling your name?  Perhaps it’s grace giving you a chance to “redeem the time”.  Or perhaps it’s that pizza.  Either way, it’s an opportunity.