What’s it been, 3 months?

Sorry guys.  It’s been rough here.  I look were longing and regret back on those days where I had time, where I had choices.  Those days where boredom had such a hold.  To go back and do what I know to do now.

Yet here I am.  I have what I have to work with.  It is enough.

I’ve become more convinced(at least with me), that I am held back more from my choices than from not knowing or not doing things.  My sins separate me.  My lack of dedication slows me.

First is always sin.  It must be beaten.  We can overcome our failures.  That’s a lie we tell ourselves.  I dare say most of us have those couple sins, the things that keep coming back.  That we know we shouldn’t do, yet we fall back upon them.  They must go.

Next is the bond-servant role.  Willing to say yes.  Always yes.  I run.  I get overwhelmed, I get stressed, the enemy attacks me on all sides, and I go find comfort in something else.  I leave aside my strong commitments to the Lord and just try to survive.

How long have I been in this cycle?  How much longer before I run out of time, or before I finally figure it out.  The days are short, but God is good.  I write this now with the determination to leave my sins behind.  Yes I’ll make mistakes, but I’ll confess and move past them.  I will move forward.