“When I can come into your Garden, then you can come into mine.”

These were the words of the Lord ( maybe not the exact quote ) from Neville Johnson’s message “Moving Into God”.  The point he was making is that we have to clean up our life before God can really move in and walk in our garden.  All of the junk we’ve brought in, the sins, the bad emotions, jealosy, bitterness, and so on needs to be cleaned up.  Our mind and heart needs to be more pure so God can actually come near unto us.  And when it’s cleaned up so they he can come in, then we’ll be clear to come into His garden.

Neville spoke about the beauty of His garden.  About walking in that.

I found this interesting, because years ago I felt like God was giving me a glimpse of what I just called “the garden”.  I hadn’t heard this message, hadn’t read anything like this before.  It was just a garden to me.  I did not walk in it.  I was not there.  There was in the most fleeting visual sense.  I think it’s really all I can handle typically.  I can probably dig it out of a journal somewhere, but I felt like God was telling me that every one of the thrones in my soul ( Paul Keith Davis book ) that I turned over to him, would bring me one more step fully into the Garden.  Let’s just say I haven’t made it far, but found it interesting as I hear Neville to think that maybe I didn’t actually just imagine that.

This does give a good guideline.  I need to get rid of so much of the rotten filth in my heart.  Bitterness is the easiest, sadness, anger, depression, etc.  I need my heart to be full of hope, faith, peace.  I do this by walking closer with God, by continuing to move forward.  And I know that this can draw me closer to Him.