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Let’s get real.

I was listening to Bobby Conner yesterday


Gotta love Bobby Conner.  I actually met him once and he prophesied over me.  That an event would happen, but not so much what it means or what will occur because of it. Still waiting on that to see.  Anyway, I’m listening to him and he brings up a scripture I know well.

Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. – Jeremiah 29:12-13

Nothing big and new here, but just re-emphasizing this for me.  If you want to find the Lord, then you must seek with ALL your heart.  There’s no half-hearted effort to be had here.  All or nothing.  This was just one of like 5 times I had to stop the video in just the first 30 minutes or so.  So many good little nuggets.  Anyway, it just hit me again how important this is.  I’m getting more desperate and focused, which is good, but I need to push deeper.

Not sure if you saw this video I posted a while back:

Looks like the video link doesn’t work anymore, I probably have it saved somewhere if you need it.  It was Neville Johnson’s son(Mark) talking about how his eyes were opened.  Basically he got determined enough and he knew one of the keys to God was sacrifice.  So he took a show he watched with his dad often, and put that time aside to spend with the Lord.  This came to mind recently as I was thinking about the Old Testament.  There are all these sacrifices and offerings they give which are representations of spiritual sacrifices, yet only one of them was Jesus.  The Sin or Trespass(forgive me, don’t want to go digging right now).  But there were others.

God is big on sacrifice.

I’m ready for something new.  I’m ready to stop flopping around in the same area and listening to all these things but seeing so few of them.  Let’s take Mark’s approach here.  We will find God when we search with all our heart.  So let’s pick out something in our heart that isn’t necessary.  Not family or job ( well, maybe job ), but something not required.  TV show, books, hobbies, etc.  I am not saying to cut it all out ( at least not right now ), but pick out something big and important to you.  Something you desire.  A good example for me is audiobooks.  I love to listen to them as I mentioned.  I’ll go little periods without, but always fall back.  Pick out a thing or two and commit it to God.  I’m not saying forever, just long enough.  I would suggest picking something that frees up time, because you need to put that time into God.  Praise, worship, prayer, and especially just waiting upon Him.  I’ve actually got a couple things in mind, one which is not exactly a sin, but close enough it doesn’t count as the type of sacrifice I’m meaning.  But others do.

Now take that sacrifice, stand before the Lord, and tell Him you will set that aside until He moves.  How long?  As long as it takes.

I can’t stand living like this much longer.

You in?



That was fun.  I had heard about him and ended up meeting him through some friends.  Pretty down to earth guy, sort of country small town guy.  You wouldn’t expect much from him to look at or talk to (at first).  He isn’t a pastor, or even a normal “minister”.  He doesn’t have a big ministry or anything even known.  Yet God has touched him.  Wow.

I just heard him telling stories.  One of them he was brought over to a country in Africa to be one of a couple speakers for a conference of several thousand pastors.  He speaks at churches in the area, but mostly just goes where he’s led.

He says he doesn’t go minister somewhere unless God tells him.  So he hasn’t set up a ministry or church, even though enough people would follow him it could have.  He has seen healings, deliverances, and so on.  The best story was the beginning one though.

He was part of a small church and stuck on a committee ( of one ) to look for the new pastor.  It was going badly, divided church, no one could agree.  So he began a nightly prayer meeting.  Every night him and his wife would go to the church and pray.  This kept on for about 5 months or so I think.  Finally God told him it was time to leave.  He had grown up in this church, so a big deal for a little country church.  Well that leads down a couple paths to this period where God baptized him in the spirit and he had a period where he couldn’t talk normally for days.  God would lead people in and he could minister to them, but otherwise, nothing intelligible would come out of his mouth.  One was a woman who came that morning to see him.  Her and her husband had troubles and were on the verge of getting divorced.  During the drive to his office, she was praying to God about it.  Well when she got there, suddenly this man started talking.  Now in this case, he had no idea what he said, it was like God said it in his ear and it just came out.  Well he repeated this woman’s prayer from on the way word for word.  She ended up in tears on the floor.  Her words on the way out were “our marriage will be fine”.

There were so many other stories he gave of what God had done.

This is the kind of ministry that touches my heart.  The type where God steps in and does something none of us could do.  And it all began when he started praying to God for an answer and wouldn’t give up.  That’s the sort of dedication I’m seeing across many of these ministers.  Same thing Neville talks about, you keep doing and doing it until you break through.