I lost it.  His presence.  And the worst part is, I didn’t realize.

I don’t know when it started.

  • Maybe when I got more caught up in the political and cultural issues in our country, though I believe part of that desire was him
  • Maybe when I got into some books too much and lost my focus
  • Maybe when I got caught up in some sin
  • Maybe when I spent my time on His work and not just with Him
  • Maybe cause I didn’t spend time in worship

Whatever the case, those times of His presence slipped away, and to my disgrace, I didn’t notice.  That is, until I slowed down one day and spent more time just loving Him.  Then when that feeling came, the pressure that tells me that my Lord is nearby, that I am ok.  Then I realized I hadn’t felt this for a while.  Weeks.  Now that I stop to put words to it, I want to cry.  How could I let it go.

So my message today is short.  Find His presence, treasure it, and keep it with you.  It requires cultivating like a plant.  Some worship, some time alone, staying away from sin, not getting too caught up in the world.  When you step away, come back as you can.  For what I’ve found is if the presence is near, so is my hope and my direction.  I’m less likely to waste my time, to miss His opportunity, and mostly to miss His voice.

Forgive me Lord.  Your grace is always so amazing.