I grew up in church.  I was saved at a young age.  I’ve always been involved with church and other organizations, always studied my Bible, always tried to follow the Lord.  As most people, I have my good and bad times, but overall I’ve trusted God with my life and He’s blessed me for it.  But I want more.

You see I can read.  I’m convinced a lot of the church must not be able to read since they seem to overlook some parts of the Bible.  I’ve mainly been in Southern Baptist churches, who are great on witnessing, but miss a lot on the Spirit.  I’ve been around some Charismatic, who have more of the Spirit, but often lack other things.  In the end, I’m a believer.  I follow Jesus, and I know He wants more of a relationship than we currently have.

So that leads me to where I am now.  Rather than trying to continue in good works to prove myself, I want the relationship first.  I want to know the “love of God which surpasses all understanding”.  I want to experience this “grace that abounds all the more”.  I’m tired of us using phrases like “knowing God” to mean we’ve been through 4 bible studies and read through the bible in a year.  I want an intimate, face to face relationship with my Lord.  I want to throw aside everything that is holding me back and come to meet Him.  Not in our convenient words that dilute the truths of God to fit what we’ve seemed to get,  but in the spirit and truth of the Word itself.  I want a real encounter with the Living God who loves me “farther than the east is from the west”.

Perhaps I ask to much, but more likely than not, I am still asking too little.  Our God is a big God, let’s go find Him.