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I wanted to post something about being the bride, so went searching my previous posts and realized I may not have posted these revelations about the bride.  Oops.  So before my next post, you get what I may have posted before, but I want to make sure.


And…. excerpt from something that should be available later.


Although I have no clear scripture for this, I believe there is a sort of progression to our relationship with God as we mature.  First, we are believers, for we accept God, but haven’t gone too deep.  We mature into disciples who are willing to follow God.  As we give more of our lives over, we can move over to bond-servants.  This is the title many of the apostles took.  Past this, I believe there are several other categories such as the sons of God, the friends of God, and even the bride.  That last one still surprises me.  I had long been taught that the church was the bride of Christ.  I believed that until the Lord opened up this verse for me.

And the angel said to me, “Write this: Blessed are those who are invited to the marriage supper of the Lamb. – Revelation 19:9

It took me a bit to catch on and I can distinctly remember when the revelation hit me.  I don’t remember what started me on this topic, but one day I found myself desiring to know about the marriage of the Lamb.  I knew the scripture was in Revelation and searched it down pretty quickly.  As I’m pondering that scripture, the middle part caught me.  Blessed are those who are invited.  Think about it.

Do you invite the bride to the wedding?

Of course not.  The wedding is for the bride, you invite the guests to be witnesses and to share in the celebration.  What we find here is that the guests of the wedding are blessed, that they get to attend the wedding.  That one little statement breaks us up into at lease three groups.  First, we have the bride of course, then those who are invited to the wedding, and then the rest that aren’t.

A couple years ago I had a dream about Heaven.  I’m going to give the short version here.  Basically, I dreamed that I had died and there was a group of us coming into Heaven.  We were brought into Heaven with a guide and begin to make our way through.  As we walked through different parts of Heaven, some of the people were split off to go to their assigned areas in Heaven.  The overriding thought I can remember having as we went through different areas of Heaven, which was a remarkably happy and peaceful place, was that I wanted to be as close to Jesus as possible.  Each time a group split off, I was glad to still be moving toward the center.

This realization that I may not be part of the bride has hit me hard.  I love God.  I do.  Yet, I obviously love myself as well, and that must be fixed.  The God of the universe is willing to call me “His beloved”, but can I say the same?  You see, many are called, but few are chosen.


That pesky truth…

Ok, so I’m starting a new category here.  It’s for those things that God decides to drop my way that I really didn’t want to hear… sigh.

Case in point, couple days back me and my wife were having a little spat.  Nothing big, usual stress from work, family, holidays all piling up until we each probably felt like we were doing too much.  Mumbling like “I have to do everything” may have been heard in our house.  We each had our reasons to be bitter.  It sort of just appeared quickly, not even sure how it escalated so fast.

On my side I was doing fairly well at trying to just keep my mouth shut.  I’d love to say that I show enough Jesus that I can keep a right attitude when I feel like I’m “mistreated”, but alas, no.  Instead, I just try to keep my mouth shut and not say the things I’m thinking that I am sure aren’t Godly.  The next morning after this started, I got a little break of a couple minutes, and just popped out my phone to read from a Bible app.  I’m in Phillipians 1, where I’ve been stuck for a while.  I suspect I’ll post on that reason soon enough.  Anyway, I hit this verse:

And this is my prayer: that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight – Phil 1:9

I’ve been spending some time meditating upon that recently, but in this instance I didn’t get past the first 11 words or so.  Love may abound.

And so quietly and gently the Spirit asked “is your love abounding to your wife”.


There are some days I regret actually listening, especially when it grieves my pride so much.  Of course the regret is temporary and totally my old man speaking.  So gently the next couple hours I worked myself back into love.  I set aside my grievances, even knowing that some may be valid and I might have to deal with being “mistreated” again in a similar manner, but this day, learning to love was more important.

Pesky truth, why can’t you just let me sulk.