Here are the foundation steps I am taking as I try to wait upon the Lord

1. Just believe

2. Foundations – There are foundational things we must get right before we have a chance to go ahead

3. Practicing His Presence – Keep our mind focused upon the Lord

  • Find His presence.  Focus my mind upon the Lord until I feel that peace in my spirit that He is near.
  • Lots of praise and worship– I need a time of praise at some point in the morning. (Psalm 100:4)
  • Respond when He knocks – If you hear a knock, step away and take the time to respond to His call.
  • Keep coming back to Him.  From necessity, we can’t think about God and do harder problems like at work.
  • Remove other fantasies.  I like to think about books, movies, fictional stories.  Need to not dwell(meditate) on them and instead do that on the Lord or the Word.
  • Seek with all your heart

4. Waiting upon the Lord – From Sadhu “Wait earnestly in silence and stillness in God’s presence seeking to be bound in perfect union of intimate bonding together with The Lord”

  • Find somewhere comfortable, but don’t lean your head back, leads to sleep. For a while I tried kneeling, but not I just sit(Sadhu says kneel, Neville says sit, figure either works).
  • Don’t do this with anyone around, even footsteps distract me.
  • Early morning before anyone is up is still my best time.
  • If I’m not in His presence, begin with worship and music first to get into the spirit.
  • Clear your mind of everything except the Lord.  Picture Him if you can.
  • Let emotion in.  Love for the Lord.  Love Him and wait expectantly for Him to talk.

5. Look to the Lord – This really falls into waiting and practicing His presence, but sort of needs it own part to.

  • Use my imagination.  Imagine the Lord.
  • When I get to that place of worship, focus the eyes of my heart upon Him and just sit in His presence.
  • When I pray, look for Him in my mind and pray to Him.
  • When I wait, picture Him there before me.

6. Renewing the mind –

7. Prayer

  • Pray in tongues.  Often.  In between activities.  Anytime.
  • Intercession – Altar of incense is the way into the holy of holies.  It’s intercession to the Lord.  We can’t do it ourselves
  • Pray Ephesians over my life.
  • Pray like you mean it.

8. Sacrifice

9. In Conclusion