Here’s a list of the resources I’ve found that have really touched me.  You’ll find them referenced at different points in my blogs, but I figured a good central location would be helpful.

  1. Living in holiness – Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj
    This is a set of messages about living free from sin and in Holiness.  Our relationship with God is a relationship of Holiness.  If you don’t work at that, you just can’t draw closer to Him.
  2. How to walk with God – Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj
    A series of 4 messages about coming to a closer walk with God.  Things like meditating the word, waiting upon the Lord, etc.  I’ve listened to these a bunch of times.
  3. The Quest to Walk with God – Neville Johnson
    This is where most of my stuff actually started.  As I began to understand that there is a quest here, a journey to actually come to such a real relationship with the Lord.  I love Neville’s teachings.
  4. How to see in the Spirit – Michael Van Vlymen
    Very practical list of things Michael has done on his journey to seeing in the Spirit.  Not only is it inspiring from a more “normal” guy, but also to see some of his steps upon the way can give ideas of a progression to get there.
  5. Seeing Jesus – Brian Johnson
    I love personal testimonies.  A part of this is Brian’s testimony( Neville’s son ) about how he came to see Jesus, and some practical things he does right now to live in the Spirit. Very inspiring to me–wg
  6. Sadhu’s initial steps into the Spirit – Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj
    In a Rose for Jesus, the first message Sadhu gives a bit of a rundown of his first steps.  How he first heard God, then seeing Jesus, then going to heaven, etc.  This is the type of thing that really gets me going.
  7. Laying Proper Foundations – Neville Johnson
    Neville lays out the foundations we need in our christian life if we want to walk with God.  Not as much all the steps to get into the Spirit, but the foundations you need for those to all go well.
  8. The Final Quest – Rick Joyner
    The original book that got me excited about drawing closer to God.  Vision’s Rick had of our path to God.   I really don’t know the right way to describe it, but it always sets me on fire.