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Lancaster Conference

Man, I want to go.  Neville Johnson, Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj, and Terry Bennett.  Haven’t listened to much of Terry, but I think so highly of these other two.  I’d have to cross most of the country to make it, so don’t know that I could even do it.  I’ve been trying to find any sort of itenerary for these guys, and haven’t had much luck, but I know the messages from last year really touched me.  If you can, I’d say go.



Now’s the time…

Man, I wish my brain could even hold part of it.  I’ve been listening through the messages from the Prophetic conference in Lancaster.  It’s… well.. crazy.  The prophets are starting to get specific, about what’s coming, about when, things like that.  Neville’s messages specifically just spurred me on.  It’s sort of a mix between being totally motivated, and being scared of what’s coming.  I’m only scared because I’m self-centered though.  God’s going to move in a big way, and soon.

We need to be ready.  And I’m not talking like store up food ready, I’m talking on our face, making ourselves holy ready.  I’m worried that there’s not enough time left for me.  I want that face-to-face relationship with the Lord like Moses, Enoch, the apostles, and so many others.  I want to know Him.  That is the safe place. 

This last message has stirred me up, its  about earth being like a school.  God brings trials as lessons, if we pass, we move on to the next, if we don’t, we have to take it over.  The whole point is to make us ready for what’s to come.  Earth is our only shot.  After that it’s set.  So God created this world as a place for us to become what he wants, to be ready to work with Him.   And the trials will come faster, everything is being accelerated.  I feel like I can see that in my life.  I’m almost constantly on edge from something or the other.  Mostly with me is emotional type things, putting up with issues, people, etc.  Not so much a persecution, but man, I’ve had a lot of stuff coming up lately.  Now that I hear ths, I think it’s God giving me a chance to be catching up. 

I’ll give more as time goes on, once I get a chance to go back ove