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This is actually a response to a question from another post, but figured it’d be good to get out there and say my thoughts here.  The original question was when I’m trying to wait on God, do I clear my mind or focus upon the Word.

How I see it, those are two things.

First there’s meditating upon the Word.  In this instance you probably want to spend time in prayer and worship to get yourself “in the spirit”, basically to where you feel the presence of the Lord, and get focused more upon Him.  Then you take some scripture, and just spend time on it.  What you’ll see I often do is use time when I’m doing something like mowing the yard ( doesn’t take much thought ) or driving to just mull over scriptures.  Repeat it, say it out loud, think through each part of it, etc.  I still think that’s just part of it, and that there’s a much deeper part I haven’t gotten to you.  This is mainly from Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj’s teachings on meditating on the Word.  He says you get in that quiet place, and then just go over and over it.  When you do this, you have different levels of revelation.  The first level is where I typically get to, the Holy Spirit speaking to you, other levels are angels coming to make things clear, the Lord speaking directly to you, Jesus coming, or even going into the Word to experience it.  Neville Johnson also speaks about this some in His teachings.  Both are similar enough in that you get into that quiet place where you are in His presence, and then just focus upon the Word and stay there.  Keep reading, speaking, thinking.  Preferably until something happens.

I don’t do enough of that.

Since I don’t get as much time along and quiet, I tend to try for the other thing, waiting on God.  I’m actually going to sort of take this 3 ways here…

  1. Watching with you eyes, from Praying Medic – From his books ( focused more upon seeing in the Spirit ), he starts with getting in the dark, praising the Lord quietly, and just watching.  Basically try to keep a blank “visual” image and see what shows up.  Keep practicing this to start seeing with your Spiritual eyes.
  2. Visualization.  Neville talks more about visualize.  So in this case, you focus upon the Lord.  Again, very similar to above, first spend time in prayer, praise and worship.  Clear everything else out, find that place of feeling God’s presence, and then just sit and soak.  Picture Jesus in your mind, and stay there.  If need be, speak in tongues quietly or have some music(without words) in the background.  Try to keep your mind clear but focus upon the Lord.  Something I’ll just very quietly praise Jesus or even just say His name to stay focused.
  3. Stillness.  This is Sadhu.  He doesn’t talk about visualizing ( though he doesn’t say anything against that).  Basically he’s big things are desiring the Lord and staying very still and quiet.  This is perhaps the hardest as your mind will just go and go.   I think that’s the case in all of these.  There was one series where he discussed when he first started doing this.  He would come into complete stillness ( no other thoughts, just complete quiet in his mind ) as long as he could.  After a while he got up to going 30 minutes at a time, then suddenly the Lord spoke to him audibly.  If you want to know this, I can probably track down the right one, I know I’ve mentioned it before.


In any of the cases, the really big things I’d say are:

  1. Desire – You must come in love for the Lord and yearning for Him.
  2. Expectation – Expect Him to show up, it makes it more real.
  3. Stillness – Try to stop any thought of yours.  It will be hard and takes practice, but that’s what practice is for.  This is something you have to train yourself, but if you can’t be still, you’ll have trouble hearing.


In my cases, I think I tend to try to just visualize the Lord and stay quiet ( sort of a combination ).  What I haven’t done is continue to do this day after day and make sure I start building up that endurance to stay there.  Like with so many of these things, I do it for a while, then fall off and I’m not as earnest.

Hope this helps.


So I feel like today I sort of had a feel for what meditation should be like.  I know there are verse that talk about putting His word in my heart, meditating, thinking on it during the day.  So I’ve been thinking on the verses that talk about “keeping our eyes on Jesus” a lot lately.  Memorized the 3 or 4 verses around this a couple weeks ago I think.  Today I had to mow. Mowing takes me somewhere a little over an hour.  Usually I stick on a book or sermon to listen to, lately sometimes I’ll just try to pray in tongues.  Tried something different today.  I tried to just spend the time thinking on these verses.  So I end up taking over an hour just slowly talking through the verses, and thinking about every little piece.  It was amazing.  I know I had at least one or two new revelations on it.  I didn’t realize how much I could get out of little pieces of this.  Tell you what, let’s just go through it here real quick.

Since we have such a great cloud of witnesses surrounding us – Just came from Hebrews 11, hall of fame.  These witnesses were those who came before and hoped for more, but didn’t get it.  All of our heros of the faith.  They didn’t get to see the full promise where we are getting now.  So they are witnesses in that they are still invested in us to receive the full measure of the promise. They are watching along with us, cheering along, praying for us.  I think they actually actively help sometimes.  This should stir us up that they are there.  And to know this meant Paul must have seen them.

Let us throw aside every hindrance – Been thinking about this a lot lately.  Not sins, but anything that can slow me down.  Books, tv, movies, too much focus on anything other than God.  I’m narrowing down what I want, what I do, slowly becoming more of him

And the sin which so easily entangles – Probably the most obvious.  Sin entangles us, pulls us away from the Lord.  It actually limits our freedom and closely to Him.

Let us run with endurance the race – Our life is a race.  The finish line is not death, but life.  Eternal life.  Too often we look at holding on till we die, but really it’s holding on till we get the full eternal life.  As Jesus said, God is the not the god of the dead, but the living.  And since life is a race we run, we have to look at obstacles as things to overcome, to keep pushing.  Endurance means it’ll take a while, so we need to pace ourselves, and hold the course.

that is set before us – God prepared this for us.

Fixing our eyes on Jesus – The finish line.  In a race you just keep thinking on the finish and what you have to do to get there.  To try to not think about the pains, the obstacles, or other trials, you keep your focus on the end line.  We must try to focus more on Jesus than the trials we face.

The author(of our faith) – Makes sense he’s the author.  Jesus not only was there to create us, but it was his life that really brought us faith.  He came to show us what faith is, but also to pay the sins to bring us to him.  So he wrote our story of grace.

And perfecter of faith – Not sure here.  I think a big part is that He is active.  He is actively working to perfect us, usually we focus just on the holy spirit for this, but He’s involved.

Who for the joy set before Him – His joy was to bring us back.  That’s the reason He came right.  To pay the price to give us a path back to God.  So His joy is to have a relationship with us.

You get the picture.  I was amazed how much more I got out of it after just spending some time with it.  The more I’ve listened to Sadhu, the more I’ve decided this is one of the missing keys to my growth into the Lord.