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As I was waiting on the Lord today, I was reminded of something Neville Johnson said in his series, Laying Proper Foundations, and basically what he said is that God cannot bring you into the Spirit world while you have certain.. we’ll say wounds.  I can’t really think of the word, but unrepentant sins, areas in your life your susceptible to the enemy, things that haven’t been worked out.  To do so is dangerous because you can so easily be decieved.  After hearing this again, I had to go back before the Lord and lay some things down.  There are some attitudes that I have held lately that are not healthy or Godly.  I had to give those up.  You know, it’s really hard to give things up when you are convinced you’ve been wronged.  You want it to be made right, not to let it go.

But I did.

I think. 🙂

So I was reminded of that again today.  How there’s a certain level of holiness required to get closer to God.  You don’t have to be sinless to know Him, to be used by Him, but there is only so much He can do when you are serving two masters.  I believe Paul Keith Davis liked to call this the Thrones of our Soul.

Do you have an area that you are currently in sin, or fall to easily into sin in?  Are you living with attitudes of the enemy.  Bitterness, regret, envy, lust.

Give them up.  Unless you can come clean, you can’t come far.

Suppose one of you wants to build a tower. Won’t you first sit down and estimate the cost to see if you have enough money to complete it? – Luke 14:28


This is actually a response to a question from another post, but figured it’d be good to get out there and say my thoughts here.  The original question was when I’m trying to wait on God, do I clear my mind or focus upon the Word.

How I see it, those are two things.

First there’s meditating upon the Word.  In this instance you probably want to spend time in prayer and worship to get yourself “in the spirit”, basically to where you feel the presence of the Lord, and get focused more upon Him.  Then you take some scripture, and just spend time on it.  What you’ll see I often do is use time when I’m doing something like mowing the yard ( doesn’t take much thought ) or driving to just mull over scriptures.  Repeat it, say it out loud, think through each part of it, etc.  I still think that’s just part of it, and that there’s a much deeper part I haven’t gotten to you.  This is mainly from Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj’s teachings on meditating on the Word.  He says you get in that quiet place, and then just go over and over it.  When you do this, you have different levels of revelation.  The first level is where I typically get to, the Holy Spirit speaking to you, other levels are angels coming to make things clear, the Lord speaking directly to you, Jesus coming, or even going into the Word to experience it.  Neville Johnson also speaks about this some in His teachings.  Both are similar enough in that you get into that quiet place where you are in His presence, and then just focus upon the Word and stay there.  Keep reading, speaking, thinking.  Preferably until something happens.

I don’t do enough of that.

Since I don’t get as much time along and quiet, I tend to try for the other thing, waiting on God.  I’m actually going to sort of take this 3 ways here…

  1. Watching with you eyes, from Praying Medic – From his books ( focused more upon seeing in the Spirit ), he starts with getting in the dark, praising the Lord quietly, and just watching.  Basically try to keep a blank “visual” image and see what shows up.  Keep practicing this to start seeing with your Spiritual eyes.
  2. Visualization.  Neville talks more about visualize.  So in this case, you focus upon the Lord.  Again, very similar to above, first spend time in prayer, praise and worship.  Clear everything else out, find that place of feeling God’s presence, and then just sit and soak.  Picture Jesus in your mind, and stay there.  If need be, speak in tongues quietly or have some music(without words) in the background.  Try to keep your mind clear but focus upon the Lord.  Something I’ll just very quietly praise Jesus or even just say His name to stay focused.
  3. Stillness.  This is Sadhu.  He doesn’t talk about visualizing ( though he doesn’t say anything against that).  Basically he’s big things are desiring the Lord and staying very still and quiet.  This is perhaps the hardest as your mind will just go and go.   I think that’s the case in all of these.  There was one series where he discussed when he first started doing this.  He would come into complete stillness ( no other thoughts, just complete quiet in his mind ) as long as he could.  After a while he got up to going 30 minutes at a time, then suddenly the Lord spoke to him audibly.  If you want to know this, I can probably track down the right one, I know I’ve mentioned it before.


In any of the cases, the really big things I’d say are:

  1. Desire – You must come in love for the Lord and yearning for Him.
  2. Expectation – Expect Him to show up, it makes it more real.
  3. Stillness – Try to stop any thought of yours.  It will be hard and takes practice, but that’s what practice is for.  This is something you have to train yourself, but if you can’t be still, you’ll have trouble hearing.


In my cases, I think I tend to try to just visualize the Lord and stay quiet ( sort of a combination ).  What I haven’t done is continue to do this day after day and make sure I start building up that endurance to stay there.  Like with so many of these things, I do it for a while, then fall off and I’m not as earnest.

Hope this helps.

This is actually a pretty straightforward deal, but it stuck out enough today that I just wanted to put it down.  Listening to Neville Johnson again, and as he was talking about getting into the Spirit, he jumped on the heart for a minute.  The heart is sort of the bridge between the soul and spirit.  It’s a little of both when you see the heart mentioned in scriptures.  Interesting thought, but one of the side comments he mentioned was “when your conscious is clear, there is a bridge opened in the spirit”.

Makes perfect sense to me.  When I’m unrepentant, I can’t seem to be with God.  I’ve noticed this a bit.  You’ve probably heard me mention that when I get off away from God, it’s like I don’t try, cause I don’t really play the “quiet time” game.  Need to clarify, nothing wrong with quiet time, I’m speaking of the routine that we’re supposed to do this set of things everyday.  When I’m off in sin, it just doesn’t work.  When I come to God and repent, suddenly it’s clearer.  I can feel His presence, I can hear Him speak.

So I guess I should make sure that early in this process you need to repent of everything.  That’s really part of the openness/honesty, and even bond servant.  If you’re not clear before God, you can’t hear.

This was actually intended to be more of a humorous post, but a little bit of truth jumped into it today while listening to Neville.  I believe his statement from a message I heard today was something like, “If you are really searching for truth, then the Holy Spirit will be more than happy to teach you”.  The point being, that if you are open to the truth, willing to put what you believe aside in search of truth itself, then God will teach you.  It seems like an obvious thing, until it happens and you realize this isn’t so hard.  How do I describe this…

The person in an addiction who says it isn’t hurting anyone.

The wife who reads about being kind and submissive, but berates her husband because he cannot remember everything she expects him to.

The evangelical who reads of the baptism of the spirit and decides it’s not that important.

On and on and on

Those words from the Lord that speak to us, but go against what we believe is right.  Often it’s not even sin, but our own theology that stops us.

So back to me.  I’m a little bitter lately.  I am.  Hate to say it, but there it is.  Part of the reason I haven’t posted much at all is because I’m just that busy.  If you read this, it should be pretty obvious I don’t exactly go proofreading what I right, it’s pretty much stream of consciousness.  So it moved to a new level lately.  I’ve spoken of my average days, well lately I’ve become known as the guy who writes 1am emails for work.  Why, because that’s my first time to get free to make up some work time I missed earlier in the day for other reasons.  I stay busy.  And not necessarily for great reasons.

So yesterday I’m going along, cleaning the house.  Worked all day, got home, ate dinner, started cleaning, for a while.  In the middle of this, I’m trying to talk to the Lord.  I’m trying to not be bitter here, but bitterness is a sneaky little booger.  So I found myself asking, “Lord, how am I supposed to keep a good attitude when I’m just constantly working?”.

Well, should’ve known better than to ask.

“What’s your motive?  Do you do this work because you have to or because you want to?”


There’s some feeling behind the words, they hit directly home to me, but written it may not be as obvious.  Basically the Spirit was saying if my motive was to work hard to bless my family by doing all I could, I wouldn’t have an attitude issue”.  Let me tell you, that’s not what the bitter guy wants to hear.  So here I am, the Holy Spirit just nonchalantly smacks me down, and I’m thinking to myself, why did I ask.

Moral of the story, make sure you want to know the truth before you ask.

Real moral, the truth is always worth it.


“When I can come into your Garden, then you can come into mine.”

These were the words of the Lord ( maybe not the exact quote ) from Neville Johnson’s message “Moving Into God”.  The point he was making is that we have to clean up our life before God can really move in and walk in our garden.  All of the junk we’ve brought in, the sins, the bad emotions, jealosy, bitterness, and so on needs to be cleaned up.  Our mind and heart needs to be more pure so God can actually come near unto us.  And when it’s cleaned up so they he can come in, then we’ll be clear to come into His garden.

Neville spoke about the beauty of His garden.  About walking in that.

I found this interesting, because years ago I felt like God was giving me a glimpse of what I just called “the garden”.  I hadn’t heard this message, hadn’t read anything like this before.  It was just a garden to me.  I did not walk in it.  I was not there.  There was in the most fleeting visual sense.  I think it’s really all I can handle typically.  I can probably dig it out of a journal somewhere, but I felt like God was telling me that every one of the thrones in my soul ( Paul Keith Davis book ) that I turned over to him, would bring me one more step fully into the Garden.  Let’s just say I haven’t made it far, but found it interesting as I hear Neville to think that maybe I didn’t actually just imagine that.

This does give a good guideline.  I need to get rid of so much of the rotten filth in my heart.  Bitterness is the easiest, sadness, anger, depression, etc.  I need my heart to be full of hope, faith, peace.  I do this by walking closer with God, by continuing to move forward.  And I know that this can draw me closer to Him.

Ok, so I’m actually curious for your thoughts here. You might look at this and just think duh, that’s what these guys have been talking about, but I feel like the things I’ve been hearing from Sadhu and Neville I have in my head, but I’m slowing getting revelations from the Word itself about this.

It began much like most of these, listening to someone. This time it’s a new guy, Walter Beuttler. I have actually heard him mentioned by Neville in the past, I believe he was one of his mentors as he grew. His ministry was somewhere between the 30’s to 60’s or 70’s. You can find some audio of him on the Academy of Light store. He’s actually got some really good information on living in the Spirit. I think it’s pretty basic pentacostal revelation, but it’s areas that I don’t have much experience, so that part even is good. I’m sure I will go more into it, as I get farther into his teaching.

So let’s just go to scripture.


I expect most of you to recognize this verse.  We hear it often, especially talking about Heaven, even though the passage is not discussing that.  What you may not have done(like me) is to look up the “just as it is written” portion.

For from days of old they have not heard or perceived by ear,
Nor has the eye seen a God besides You,
Who acts in behalf of the one who waits for Him. – Isaiah 64:4

Did you catch something different there? Notice the ending. We can’t imagine what God has in store for those who love Him, or wait on Him. Odd that while Paul referenced the old, he slightly changed the wording.  Walter Beuttler actually describes this as two parts of the same concept. Waiting is the more physical/action part, loving is the soul/purpose of it. So when you wait upon the Lord, you can’t imagine what he will do for you.

That short detour brings me back to my point.  Basically we cannot comprehend what God has prepared and how He will act on behalf of those who wait on Him and love HIm.  Think about that for a minute.  Those who wait upon Him, He acts on.

Now, let’s jump to one of my new favorite verses.  We’re going to Hebrews 11, you know, the faith chapter.  We start with the basic definition of faith

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. – Hebrews 11:1

Good definition, but sort of vague.  The type of thing you nod your head to, but have trouble wrapping your hands around, now we jump down to what I like better as a definition of faith.

And without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him. – Hebrews 11:6

So this verse is telling us that to please God we must have faith, and then tells us about that person with faith.

1. They must believe that God exists
2. They must believe God rewards those who seek Him.

Other translations says something like “those who diligently seek Him”.  So we believe God, and we seek Him.  What is missing here?  When you come from the typical church again, we believe to please God we need to witness to so many people, to host small groups in our home, go on mission trips, and basically do whatever other service to the church we can.  I believe these are all good things in their place, but their place is in seeking God.  You see, the core of our faith is to seek God.  To seek Him we must love and wait upon Him, how else will we know what he has prepared for us.  As Paul tells the Ephesians that:

I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened, so that you will know what is the hope of His calling. – Ephesians 1:18

Until we come to know Him, until we seek Him, we cannot please Him.  In that seeking, waiting and loving, we find ourselves doing those services that He asks and leads us.  I can’t help but remember right now how the Lord met with Kenneth Hagin and told Him it was time to start his ministry, after he had been serving as a pastor of a church for years.  Kenneth Hagin asked what he had been doing, and the Lord answered that He had never asked Him to do that.

If we want to be more pleasing, if we want to be the most fruitful, we must know His will first.

Thoughts?  It’s easy to take this route as an excuse to not serve in other capacities, I think it only makes sense to those who are wholly dedicated to finding God.  I continue to find that I believe I am not there.  I still hold on to things too much, but the Lord continues to work.  I continue to write, I continue to seek.

I’ve been building up to this.  The discontentment and has continued to grow.  I typically go in waves, but each wave I’m more convinced it’s there, and more discontent with where I’m at.  I think the message I spoke of in my last post finally pushed me over.

When it comes down to it, I don’t know any other way than to give it all.  The core of this all is that message by Sadhu about seeking God, about never being content.  It started actually with the Ephesian prayers from Kenneth Hagin, and moved on to seeking God for more.  As Sadhu says, “Earnestly praying”.  Taking every free moment, and rather than relaxing, rather than thinking of other things, stepping aside to cry out to God, to find a quiet place and ask, seek, knock.  To seek for God’s gifts until you find them.  It really ties in directly with Neville’s teaching, that the three core things are “hunger, determination, single-mindedness”.

I hope I can articulate this in a way you’ll understand.  I see what these people walk in, and realize that I could do that too.  If I have the time that is, I can do that.  It’s not that they are special people ( though they are definitely fore-runners), but that they were willing to endure, to pay the price, to seek for things others wouldn’t.  I see that I cannot continue to do this Christian life in the pretend manner our churches often do it.  We say these words, but we walk by our knowledge, by our wisdom, not by God’s hand.  More and more I understand the verse that certain people was “having a form of godliness but denying its power.”  I see my life and the life of those who really walk with God and realize there’s no other way to go.  In fact, I believe this is the only sure way of protection in the days coming soon.

So where does that leave me?  That when I have a spare moment, rather than looking to digg and reddit because I’m bored, I stop and cry out to the Lord to open my eye.  Rather than pulling up facebook to see whats going on, I get quiet and and listen for the Lord.  Rather than sitting every night to watch TV, I first come to the Lord.  He must be first in all my time.

By His grace(cause that’s the only way this could happen), I’ve been very narrowly overcoming some of my worst habitual sins.  It sort of just started happening and I went with it.  I knew it was God’s grace that even enabled it, so I knew I could keep it up as long as I trusted Him.  This has led me for once walking in a “manner” of holiness.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m wretched, miserable, poor, blind and naked as the rest of us.  I am full of corruption and sin, yet I am actually moving forward. The Lord has brought one thing, then another, and I’ve begun to walk in them.

How?  Because of my goal.  I know that to walk with Him I must be holy.  To walk with Him I must put that one desire, that one goal above all else.  I am crucifying my flesh, so that my spirit can live.  When I have a good opportunity, I fast a meal or two and pray.  I am dedicated to waking at a given time each morning (no matter the fatigue) because I must have that time with God.  I must meditate on the word, wait on Him, intercede for others, pray in the spirit, and worship(wrong order, but you get the picture).

It’s taxing emotionally.  Cause when I cry to the Lord, I really almost cry(sometimes I do) because I put my heart into it.  What’s the point if I don’t mean it?  I cry that I know I can’t live like this anymore, I must “know the hope of His calling, the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints, and the surpassing greatness of His power toward those who believe.”  How can I be a witness to what I have only experienced through “faith”.  How can I really describe the goodness of a God I haven’t seen?

I would love to just take off and spend days in prayer ( I probably need some of this ), but I have a job, a family, and child that I can’t just leave.  If it wasn’t for the family to support, I’d be very tempted on the job.  I have friends that I encourage and stand with, that is important as well, small group, bible study, etc.  I feel that what I must do is to be even more faithful there while giving more and more to Him.  I expect it will slowly impact more and more of everything else as I focus more upon the Lord, but what price can you put on seeing the Lord, praying with Him, etc.  What price is there to knowing your family?

I have no idea how to sustain this.  I can only hope that God’s grace will continue to flow if I am faithful.  I do find that I can turn almost any situation back around to something like peace now.  I was very frustrated (reasons aren’t important) about something while out with family, as I’m driving home I’m stewing ( silently to my credit ) and being bitter, up to the point I come back to this.  That my one goal is to be with the Lord.  At this point I let it all god, let the bitterness and frustration seep out, and replace them with my deep desire to see God.  Suddenly I’m focused again, ready to go.

Hunger – It’s my main goal, that will preempt anything as necessary to seek the Lord
Determination – I will not give up, I will persist until I am through
Single-Mindedness – My every action now is centered around this.  I am patient with my family because that is what Jesus is like.  I am crucifying my flesh, because I know it is in the way.  I give up on my grudges, because they are no longer worth the energy.

Wow, that was a dump, but it’s refreshing to let it out.

So this started with listening to some of the sessions from the prophetic conference at Shekinah Worship center(that the right name?).  

First I was hit by a couple comments made by Terry Bennett.  These were sort of side comments he made while making other points, but they brought some stuff home to me.  The first thing I remember was him saying that he had a period of time where he would spend 6-8 hours a day in prayer, and sometimes whole nights, just wanting to be with the Lord.  This led him to mention a church where part of your membership requires you to make a contract that you’ll spend 1 hour a day in prayer.  His next comment was something like “1 hour, it takes like 45 minutes to even get quiet, that’s not much time”.  It’s one of those off-hand comments where he’s not trying to make a point, but you can tell that’s what he really feels.  

So that sort of hit me a bit.  To think that an hour in prayer isn’t enough.  Got me first pretty discouraged.  Like I mentioned before, I just have trouble making that time without taking away so much sleep I start to become worthless.

Next I listened to the last message from Neville.  In there he really hits it home that we need that intimacy with God.  We must change our prayer lives up.  Then he gave some of his thoughts there.  Basically we should pray to know God’s will.  Once we find that, we began to declare it.  That prayer is us practicing ruling and reigning with Christ. 

That got me sort of worked up a little.  Let me explain why.  I have been thinking along these lines, but it took Neville mentioning a verse off-hand that really pulled it together.  It’s the verse that says “Faith comes from hearing, and hearing from the word of God”. We tend to sort of spiritualize it, and think that’s us getting faith from the Bible.  Sure enough though, just looked up the Greek, and it’s the Rhema word.  The spoken word.  So our faith comes from us hearing God.  Not this wishy/washy hearing God we like to lift up in many of our churches, but the literal word of God coming to us.  Maybe it’s out loud, maybe it’s in our hearts, but I think it should be undeniable.  It should be a communication from our Lord.

But we won’t wait.  We won’t spend the time.  We don’t really believe he’ll speak.  But how can we ever have faith in a God we do not hear.

So I guess what I’m saying is that maybe I should stay focused on praying to hear from the Lord, to know His will, until I really know it, then I need to start declaring and doing it.  Until then I’m just guessing and lucky if I hit something.  I don’t know that this is really coming out clear enough, it’s still a little fuzzy in my head what I’m thinking, but there it is.

I am continually amazed about how we become so dense.

This stems from listening to a message by Neville Johnson, I think from the Lancaster conference.  Still not finished with those messages yet.

Anyway, he spoke about how when he was younger that a Sunday School teacher told him he should read his Bible through every year.  That is how he should focus on reading the Bible.  So every day he has to read his chapters.  He said reading his Bible because such a chore until one day his dad pulled him aside and said “Neville, try this, just read your Bible until God speaks to you, and then stop.”

It’s so simple that we miss it.  I know I’ve thought things like this, but it’s like we’ve become so over-shadowed by legalism, doctrines, whatever, that we miss the point.  The point is it’s the word of God.  So read until you hear from Him.  Neville said that changed his life.  Suddenly reading the Bible was exciting because God was talking to him.

If we can just remember that his all is a relationship, we won’t miss such simple truths like this, 


I started listening to the messages from the Lancaster Prophetic conference.  Man.

So far I’m only about an hour into one of Neville’s messages, but already it’s pushed me so much.  

You can find them online here.  


I had already started shooting for a deeper commitment with the Lord before I got ahold of these, and this just sealed that.  There’s so little time.  If you want to be in on what the Lord’s about a do, there’s a cutoff coming up.  I know that sounds strange, but that’s what Neville said.  Atonement next year(September) is the cutoff for something.  Things will continue to escalate after that.  I can give lots of quotes, but there’s so much coming, good and bad, that we must be ready.  As Neville says, the servants of God won’t survive the end.  You must go deeper.  It’s time to get out of the outer court and move in.

So I started this commitment about 2 or 3 days before the first message.  I’m not sure how to say it, but I want to make every moment a search for the Lord.  Every free moment I want to bring before Him, to reach for Him.  “You will seek me and find me when you search for me with all your heart”.  More than before, my heart is determined, it’s focused.  When I come across a decision, it’s God.  Not saying I still don’t have my lazy moments, or other things I do.  I have a lot of commitments that aren’t bad, but I need to push more and more into Him.  To put my heart into the Spirit.

That was about a week ago, I got the messages about 3-4 days ago, and still I’ve only listened to most of the first message.  That’s because my world just went nuts.  It started shortly after i became more committed.  I was tested.  I remember thinking that I want to hold strong this time, and I did good the first day.  Then day 2 it got worse, then 3 was worse, 4 even more.  It’s amazing, one of those things you think can’t get worse, and it does.

Each day I’m getting through about 20 minutes of Neville talking, and each day I get little bits out of it to help me going.  It’s like the Lord has decided to push me through the hard way, but His grace is there.  Usually by now(by a day or two ago) I would’ve given up and just hid until the storm passed.  But like I said, there’s no time left.  It’s now or never.

And i want to see Him.

I want to know Him.

I can’t live this casual christianity anymore.  I am so weary of our games, of our doctrines that dim the awesomeness of the God of the universe.  He cannot be framed, He cannot be explained, He is GOD.

So here I am, at one of the best and worst times of my life.  Emotionally drained, lacking on sleep, fatigued, and determined.  

At least listen to Neville’s outer court message, I’m sure I will have much more to say in the next few days.  And I need to mention my dream from a while back, i’ve sat on that long enough.