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As I was waiting on the Lord today, I was reminded of something Neville Johnson said in his series, Laying Proper Foundations, and basically what he said is that God cannot bring you into the Spirit world while you have certain.. we’ll say wounds.  I can’t really think of the word, but unrepentant sins, areas in your life your susceptible to the enemy, things that haven’t been worked out.  To do so is dangerous because you can so easily be decieved.  After hearing this again, I had to go back before the Lord and lay some things down.  There are some attitudes that I have held lately that are not healthy or Godly.  I had to give those up.  You know, it’s really hard to give things up when you are convinced you’ve been wronged.  You want it to be made right, not to let it go.

But I did.

I think. 🙂

So I was reminded of that again today.  How there’s a certain level of holiness required to get closer to God.  You don’t have to be sinless to know Him, to be used by Him, but there is only so much He can do when you are serving two masters.  I believe Paul Keith Davis liked to call this the Thrones of our Soul.

Do you have an area that you are currently in sin, or fall to easily into sin in?  Are you living with attitudes of the enemy.  Bitterness, regret, envy, lust.

Give them up.  Unless you can come clean, you can’t come far.

Suppose one of you wants to build a tower. Won’t you first sit down and estimate the cost to see if you have enough money to complete it? – Luke 14:28


“When I can come into your Garden, then you can come into mine.”

These were the words of the Lord ( maybe not the exact quote ) from Neville Johnson’s message “Moving Into God”.  The point he was making is that we have to clean up our life before God can really move in and walk in our garden.  All of the junk we’ve brought in, the sins, the bad emotions, jealosy, bitterness, and so on needs to be cleaned up.  Our mind and heart needs to be more pure so God can actually come near unto us.  And when it’s cleaned up so they he can come in, then we’ll be clear to come into His garden.

Neville spoke about the beauty of His garden.  About walking in that.

I found this interesting, because years ago I felt like God was giving me a glimpse of what I just called “the garden”.  I hadn’t heard this message, hadn’t read anything like this before.  It was just a garden to me.  I did not walk in it.  I was not there.  There was in the most fleeting visual sense.  I think it’s really all I can handle typically.  I can probably dig it out of a journal somewhere, but I felt like God was telling me that every one of the thrones in my soul ( Paul Keith Davis book ) that I turned over to him, would bring me one more step fully into the Garden.  Let’s just say I haven’t made it far, but found it interesting as I hear Neville to think that maybe I didn’t actually just imagine that.

This does give a good guideline.  I need to get rid of so much of the rotten filth in my heart.  Bitterness is the easiest, sadness, anger, depression, etc.  I need my heart to be full of hope, faith, peace.  I do this by walking closer with God, by continuing to move forward.  And I know that this can draw me closer to Him.

Not sure if you’ve heard of Paul Keith Davis.  He’s a guy I’ve listened to a lot.  He doesn’t usually talk about the same stuff I’ve really been listening to with Neville Johnson and Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj, but he gets me fired up still.  I won’t go a lot into him, go look into him if you want.  He has a ministry call WhiteDove Ministries.  They do a monthly meeting they call School of the Spirit, like many other churches/ministries.  Anyway, I’d suggest checking out the latest one.   It’s only like 4 dollars for the mp3.  There’s a woman that gives a quick testimony up front of what happened to her.  I won’t go into much depth, but basically she had her eyes opened into the Spirit, and she’s been seeing both worlds.  There’s no insights on how to get there, but you can hear from her heart and words how it’s changed her.

I just listened as she described it, and my soul and spirit cried out that this is what I’m looking for.  I was actually a little angry even.  Jeaulous really.  I know God knows His timing of things, but man, this is what I want.  Oh, to see the Lord.  Even though it may ruin me, to see Him and to know Him, is more than I can imagine.  That’s my heart, that’s my cry.

If you haven’t seen this, you should watch it.


I haven’t listened to Brad McClendon much before other than hearing at one of Paul Keith Davis’s School of the Spirit meetings.  The Simplicity of Jesus message was just amazing.  I think that’s where a bit of my last post came from.  I sort of forget.  I listen to so much that they blend together over time.  I just hope my spirit holds onto many of the truths.  I then went on to listen to the Lessons from Jesus.  If you hear some of how he walks with God, it’s amazing and discouraging.  Amazing that they have such a conversation, that the Lord comes to teach Him things.  Amazing that God moves in such a way.  Discouraging because I am so far away.  To see what some people have, and to look at my life, how much I have struggled, and to feel like I may never see this.  I feel sometimes like I have tried for a long time to find God, and that He’s just not near to me.  He is to others, but not me.

But as far as I know, that’s a lie from the enemy.  He is near to me, I just am not there yet.  God wants that relationship, but for one reason or another, I’m not there.  I could make up a number of reasons, but all I really know is that I need Him.  I am so hungry for Him.

These messages did do one thing for me.  I have decided that I am trying to build up my faith and my relationship on others too much.  I get that feeling of the nearness of God from listening to others talk about Him and not from my own walk.  I can’t live off of another’s relationship.  That’s a way to be introduced, but not a way to get to know.

So I’m cutting back on the messages, the books, the sermons.  I am cutting back on what others say, and opening up to what the Lord says.  I am devoting more of my time to worship, his presence, and prayer.  I wish to talk with Him throughout the day.  In the past I’ve had rare glimpses of Him answering.  I want those to be more common.  I want to be ready to listen at any time, to obey, and to allow myself to hear Him more clearly.

It’s not a pattern, it’s a person.

I like to listen to Paul Keith Davis School of the Spirit.  Since I drive a bit, I download them after the fact and listen to them much like I do so many other things.  In this last one he had Kent Mattox speaking.  There was a number of good things, but one that I really like at the end.

He was talking about worship.  How for Him that’s really his only entrance into God’s presence.  One day he found himself with some free time at home.  He reached for the remote to watch TV, and then thought, you know what, I just want to praise God.  So instead he just sang a song to the Lord.  He said after the first song the presence came in.  So he sang another, and it got heavier.  After a third it was even stronger.  At this point he is thinking how glad he was that he didn’t turn on the TV.

Then God spoke and said “Will you just sing me another?”.

I can’t remember if that was the exact wording, but the feeling it portrayed was that God was enjoying the worship so much he asked him to sing another song.  Of course at this point it just rocked him.  I can understand.  To have the God of the universe say, “hey, can you sing me one more song, I’m really enjoying this”.

So when you worship, do you worship like this.  Do a worship a living God who is listening, or do you just like the music?  Do you worship as if He is really listening, because He is.


Listened to Paul Keith Davis message from the latest school of the spirit a couple days ago, and it has validated what I’m searching for here.  He said one of our focuses this year should be on “contemplative prayer”.  He had also mentioned that on the last message of 2011, to spend time waiting on the Lord to hear from Him.  It’s good to hear him saying something we should be working on, and to have already been trying to focus on that.

Last couple days have not seemed successful, but I’ve stuck with it.  First suggestion I have, make sure you’re alone in a quiet place.  Just the noise of someone can easily knock you out of focus.  I’ve also spent a lot of that time day-dreaming.  I try to focus upon Jesus, but that can be tough.  I believe later in the messages, Neville talks about trying to visualize Him, to get your imagination in on the effort, so I try to do that but it’s tough for me, I’m not as much of a visual person.  What does usually seem to work to start with is to imagine Jesus from stories in the Bible.  Like imagining him upon a mountain side preaching the sermon on the mount.  Or walking across the water.  Thinking of Him doing those things that I associate with who He is in my mind.  Today I was able to focus a little better.  I’m going to try to really use some self-discipline and focus to keep my mind from straying.  Even if it means I’m not as relaxed, I want to get the pattern set, and see if that helps me as I go along.

I did have one thought come today.  Jesus said he only did what He saw the Father was doing.  How could He see what the Father is doing?  He saw into the spiritual realm.  He could see and hear from God to know what to do on the earth.  Would Jesus expect less from us when He said that His disciples would do even more than He did?