So after listening to Sadhu, a couple new things hit me. First was some of the results he gave from waiting on the Lord. He took that scripture and broke it into the 4 things that happen from waiting on the Lord

1. They will renew their strength

2. They will mount up on wings like eagles

3. They will run and not grow weary

4. They will walk and not grow faint

Then he gave his own life experiences for each of these points. He spoke about how he gets up crazy early to spend time in prayer. We’re not talking like 5am, we’re talking 3am. I kept wondering how in the world he would function, but he pointed out that the Bible mentions that Jesus would sometimes do it as well. So it’s energized me to get up earlier again. So the last few days I’ve gone to bed at a normal time, but then gotten up early. I’ve actually probably averaged about 5 hours of sleep a night. Typically I’m a 6-hour guy. I can go off a 5 for a little bit. I’m waiting to see what happens, but so far it’s been really odd, I’ve felt more awake. I don’t think it hit me until afterward, but I believe I’m seeing some of the above. I think the extra time spent waiting on God is giving me energy, making me not grow weary. It hasn’t been long enough, so I’m actually not even going to finish this post right now, but hold onto it a couple days to see if it continues, but it’s been pretty odd for me, enough that I am noticing.

Day 3 – got a little rougher today. I left work feeling like I’m going to fall asleep on the way home. But I made it.

Day 4 – Little better today.  Wasn’t falling asleep in car, exhausted at end of day(it’s past 12 now), but had energy for the day, and less than 6 hours last night(closer to 5)

Day 5/6 – Little trouble making it up, but still made it up.  Plenty of energy for the day, exhausted by 11pm, but that’s to be expected.

Day 7(or was it 8) – Saturday(Today), took a chance to sleep in.  Still got up in enough time to get in around 30 minutes of waiting, and another 30 minutes of quiet time.

I want to push this up.  I’ll start moving it forward farther ( already get up by 5:30-5:40 usually ), I’d like to get close to 5, because I want some time to worship for a while, then meditate on the word, then waiting.  Morning is my time.  I think I’ll just have to deal with that and trust in the Lord to renew my strength.