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This was from Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj’s series, A Rose For Jesus, where he was speaking about steps to coming to know Jesus, the bridegroom.  One of the last steps he gave, but said was one of the most important, was “Nakedness of your heart”.  He actually likened it to marriage and how, well, you get the picture.  We come before each other and there’s nothing hidden, nothing we can cover up.

This is key to our relationship with the Lord.  When we come before Him in prayer, in worship, we must bare our hearts.  We must open up completely to Him, we are who we are, there’s no hiding, no holding back.

So I heard him saying this, and I just wasn’t getting it.  I knew that this was very important, but its the sort of thing that as you talk about it you kind of think “duh, of course you are open before God”. I knew I didn’t really get it, so I continued to think on this, to ponder it.  Over the next few days it began to sink more and more in.

During this period, when I would come in prayer, I would first stop and try to open myself up.  Try to reveal all of my soul.  There’s no pretense, no memorized prayers, just me opening up, telling the Lord this is who I am, here are my faults, we both know they are there.  I want more of you, but I keep doing this.  Thank you for your mercy as always.  Know what I found?  When there’s honesty, it leads to holiness.  You see, when I’m honest with myself and with God, I can’t continue in my sin.  As long as I can pretend to myself that I am not in sin, and just not mention it, I’ll stay there.  But to be honest before the Lord, is to also be honest with myself.  When I get there, I repent.  I mean seriously, how can you come before the living God, say, look at my sin, but I think I’ll keep doing it.

As I write this, I was stopping of a period of not being open.  For years I could have my quiet times, and not be honest with God.  I could read my Bible, sometimes getting something out of it.  I could go through my list of prayers, things I need, others need, without really coming in humility  before God.  But now I know.  So for the last several days, I couldn’t pray, because I can’t come before the Lord that way anymore.  In my heart I knew I wasn’t ready to face Him, to face my sins and move away.  I wanted my things.  Isn’t so horrible how much we can turn against a God who loves us so much.

I’m sure this does much, much else.  How can you deepen a relationship with honesty and trust.  Same thing with God.  It’s always a little weird because we know that He knows it all anyway, but I think it’s best to not treat Him that way.  You come there, you tell Him all anyway.  Speak to Him as a person.  That’s always a big thing to me, God is a person, not a box or computer.  Talk to Him that way.

Always listen, stay humble, be open, cry often, and hunger.

Now’s the time…

Man, I wish my brain could even hold part of it.  I’ve been listening through the messages from the Prophetic conference in Lancaster.  It’s… well.. crazy.  The prophets are starting to get specific, about what’s coming, about when, things like that.  Neville’s messages specifically just spurred me on.  It’s sort of a mix between being totally motivated, and being scared of what’s coming.  I’m only scared because I’m self-centered though.  God’s going to move in a big way, and soon.

We need to be ready.  And I’m not talking like store up food ready, I’m talking on our face, making ourselves holy ready.  I’m worried that there’s not enough time left for me.  I want that face-to-face relationship with the Lord like Moses, Enoch, the apostles, and so many others.  I want to know Him.  That is the safe place. 

This last message has stirred me up, its  about earth being like a school.  God brings trials as lessons, if we pass, we move on to the next, if we don’t, we have to take it over.  The whole point is to make us ready for what’s to come.  Earth is our only shot.  After that it’s set.  So God created this world as a place for us to become what he wants, to be ready to work with Him.   And the trials will come faster, everything is being accelerated.  I feel like I can see that in my life.  I’m almost constantly on edge from something or the other.  Mostly with me is emotional type things, putting up with issues, people, etc.  Not so much a persecution, but man, I’ve had a lot of stuff coming up lately.  Now that I hear ths, I think it’s God giving me a chance to be catching up. 

I’ll give more as time goes on, once I get a chance to go back ove