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I felt like the Spirit was telling me that I should spend some time on Enoch.  More specifically, that I should take some time looking at his life and help others to understand.  I don’t necessarily think it was for you guys on here, but you get to be the trial run.  We’ll work our way through scripture and then move on to other references.  To start, let’s just go over the main scripture for Enoch.

Enoch lived sixty-five years, and became the father of Methuselah. Then Enoch walked with God three hundred years after he became the father of Methuselah, and he had other sons and daughters. So all the days of Enoch were three hundred and sixty-five years. Enoch walked with God; and he was not, for God took him. – ‭‭Genesis‬ ‭5:21-24‬ ‭NASB‬‬

 To start, let’s just go over the main scripture for Enoch.  Enoch gets me excited.  I don’t remember hearing many messages preached on him, just that he walked with God and was taken away.  We didn’t know much more to say about that than this.  What do you preach to other Christians about how to apply this?I felt like the Spirit was telling me that I should spend some time on Enoch.  More specifically, that I should take some time looking at his life and help others to understand.  I don’t necessarily think it was for you guys on here, but you get to be the trial run.  We’ll work our way through scripture and then move on to other references.  To start, let’s just go over the main scripture for Enoch.

Point #1 – Walking with God

So what did it mean that he “walked with God”?  That is much of the mystery.  I believe it’ll be more clear as we go along, but I fall back to some of Sadhu’s teaching on walking with God.   To me, it means to walk along side, to know, to talk, to see, and to know each other intimately.  Sadhu had his definition for it that I can’t remember. I know it’s in that series about walking with God.  My definition is probably based off of his, so close enough.  I just think how I’ve seen others walk, or even think of the Bible.  God talks to them.  They see visions, dreams, angels.  The Lord works closely with them.  Think of Adam in the garden, God would walk along side and explain things.  True friendship where there is two way communication.  Working together where the spirit is leading and guiding as you work.  Trust.  Basically, all things that are so far above our typical walk.

Point #2 – We can do this.

Growing up, this was just another one of those scriptures that was one of “those” people in the Bible that were special.  We couldn’t expect to be treated like this, could we?   Of course we could.
So Peter opened his mouth and said: “Truly I understand that God shows no partiality. – Acts 10:34
We have to stop thinking that we can’t do things that God has shown can be done.  If Enoch could do this, why couldn’t we.  One thing he had going for him was that when he was born, Adam was still alive.  Imagine hearing the stories of Adam walking in the Garden with God.  However, we have Christ, and the Spirit.  I can’t imagine how he could find such a walk without Jesus revealed.  He must have found that revelation, and reached forward to it.  It’s like David, who had a heart after God but without Jesus was still walking under a harder covenant.

Point #3 – He was just a man

Think about it, he wasn’t even like many of the figures in the Bible.  He had, what, 10 scriptures written total with him mentioned?  I like to think that he wasn’t even a big “pivotal” figure in the Bible, as it wasn’t planned for him to lead Israel, walk with Jesus, etc, and yet he found a way.  He wasn’t a big prophet or apostle, and yet, how many people can say they walked so close to God, that God just took them home.  Enoch, Elijah, maybe Moses.  Were there more?  I can tell you yes, though I can’t give you proofs.  This still happens.  People who are so close to God that He just brings them up as they don’t need to die.  Those who overcome death itself.  That’s the plan for the end-time army, but Enoch got ahead.  I think he just drew some close to God in a relationship that he was there for that very purpose.

Point #4 – Normal family man

Notice, he didn’t walk with God until his first child was born.  After than, he had more sons and daughters.  That means he did this as a husband and father.  He took care of his family but still walked with God.  That says he’s not much different than me.  He wasn’t like Paul who said it’s better to not be married and focused on God, he found the way in that.  I personally find that encouraging.


How do we do this?  I hope to find more exciting things as we keep looking at Enoch to help encourage me but also to explain to me how Enoch was able to.  Relationship should be our goal, not results.


Be an Enoch not a Noah

Sadhu talked about walking with God ( I think it was this message  ) and contrasted Enoch and Noah as two where the Bible says they “walked with God”.  Noah was righteous/blameless.  The impression I got is that he walked righteousless, without sin ( not fully without, but just lived really well ).  I’m reminded of the verse, “blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God”.  Book of Enoch even spoke of Noah as this special child.  Enoch it just says walked closely with the Lord.  Sadhu said much more, and I’m blending together things I’ve heard.  Part of it is from Rick Joyner’s book The Path, where he met Enoch or Elijah, I think another part was actually a webinar with Paul Keith Davis related to this.  At one point he spoke with Elijah asking about Enoch, and he was told that Enoch was just so full of love, that’s what made him so special.

Ok, back to the store.  What I’ve found is when I sin, I try to cut myself off because I feel unworthy.  I’ll hold God at a distance until I feel I’ve proved myself and then move back.  Strangely, sometimes after a sin ( and of course this is what started this whole thing ), it’s like God feels even closer.  After I’ve repented of course.  So this last time we have this sort of conversation(in my head where I’m unsure exactly what parts are my soul, my spirit, or His spirit ) about this.  How can I reconcile that we have a relationship of Holiness with God, and this thought that when I sin, I shouldn’t feel like God pushes me away.  In fact, I should stay close.  The prophet the other day was reminded me that my relationship with God was built around who I am ( his child ) and less about what I’ve done.  Don’t let that stop me from working with Him.  So we’re going back and forth and I’m trying to reconcile, and what I hear is “Be an Enoch and not a Noah”.

Let me preface, this was for me.  This doesn’t mean it’s for everyone, but it has concepts that I believe apply or I wouldn’t put it up here.  What this meant to me, is to build that relationship with God, and mainly to love Him, and let that be my basis for walking closely to God.  It’s who I’m with, not how well I do.  Yes, I often fall into sin, but I shouldn’t let that push me down.  Say I’m sorry, and then step right back close with the Lord.  Of course, this is hard for me to think is ok.  And I find myself at that funny place where I pretty much tell God “this doesn’t fit with my theology”. I made this comment making the point like Kenneth Hagin did in his book, that his theology wasn’t God’s.  The answer was “maybe your theology needs to be changed”.  This is a grace in God.  We know this, but we don’t always walk in it.

Now if you start sinning and decide it’s ok and you’re not repentant, that’s a different story.  I think that will start cutting your off quickly; however,  if you don’t understand or you’re trying and have trouble, God works with that.  David was a man after God’s heart but did a couple big sins.  Because of that relationship, God sort of overlooked it.  Don’t get me wrong, David got to reap what he sowed, but he could have been punished much more, but God honored their relationship, and even blessed him in the end.

So, be an enoch. Be a person who loves God so much that you just try to walk with god, have that relationship and take that presence with you always.  When you sin, say you’re sorry and repent, but don’t let it stop that closeness.  In fact, marvel in the grace that God still draws you near.  That’s worth more than anything else.

I feel as I try to get closer to God, that I can’t make myself holy, I just can’t.  But if I build that relationship and draw close to Him, He loves it.  He loves when you’re hungry for Him, when you want to be with Him and talk and spend time.  When you build that up, it’s like favor from God.  Think about a close friend or your spouse, you just do things for them.  They don’t need to earn it, they deserve it for being your friend/spouse.  Become a lover of God, make him your beloved(Song of Solomon), and He’ll just do stuff for you.  I think He’ll just show up one day and go “hmm, it’s time to be free of this”, and remove that desire or show you the way and just wipe it out.  Because He wants you to be better.  Not because you half to, or the law says, and that’s where we get off.  We try to do it ourselves.  Instead, just love God more.  That will lead to holiness.

I got an interesting email today.  The pastor of a previous church of mine decided to start something new, a Bible verse exchange.  Basically, it’s a chain letter of scriptures.  Copy 20 people, send your favorite verse.  When I read it I just shook my head.  I can’t say that I know what it is, but this isn’t it.  I’m sure there’s some good points to this, but really, is that the best we have.  I’m not trying to play down this pastor, or that church, because it’s most of us.  In one way or another we all do these things.  I can’t even place a name to it other than it was started by man.  We take something good from God, we spin it, but a name on it, and ship it out trying to do God’s work.  When will we realize that God’s work is just that, His.  And as long as we are making up the plans, it’s not really His work.

I think I’ve got down the rabbit hole a little too much.  Basically I’m tired of the life we have made.  I’m tired of playing these church games.  I’m starting to see it a bit more here, I feel like pieces are slowly coming into place.

What is our purpose?  What did God make us for.

If you look at how our churches go, it was for salvation, giving, or even entertainment.  The churches I’m often around it’s salvation.  Eternal life as we tend to call it.  We want to spread that good news.  But tell me this, what were Adam and Eve made for?  There was no one to save.  There was no poor to feed.  There was no one to spread God to.

It seems to all be coming back to Eternal Life.  Jesus came to bring us eternal life(John 3:16 tells us).  But we are treating it the wrong way.  We look at eternal life as Heaven, as the end goal we’re all pushing toward.  We put all our efforts at crossing that finish line and bringing as many as we can with us.  We praise God that He gave us a chance to go to Heaven, but we’ve forgotten where we began.  Like I said, Adam and Eve weren’t looking to Heaven. The already lived there.  God had a different plan for them.  Sin came in and messed it up, so Jesus came to fix it.  Remember that.  Salvation was not an end goal, but a fix to get us back on track.

This is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent. – John 17:3

Adam and Eve knew God.  Eternal life isn’t about getting to Heaven, though that’s a consequence of it.  It’s not about having our sins wiped away, although that is also part.  It’s about knowing God, truly knowing Him.  Not this religion we have made.  It’d be like reading 20 biographies of Abraham Lincoln and telling others we know Him.  Knowing God means something personal.   It means a two-way street of communication, talking, seeing, being with.  That’s not the Christianity many of us live today. Adam and Eve were made to be “Sons of God”.  God made them like Himself, He put them on the Earth as a training ground.  A place where true Sons of God can be made.  This life isn’t an accident but a training ground.  We have one life to live to prepare ourselves for destiny.  God placed destiny in each of us.  A destiny to know Him, to be used by Him, to do great things and to come home into our place with Him.  But how we live this life determines how close we end up to Him.

This has built up in my heart the last few weeks.  I’m not doing my best walk, but I can feel my spirit crying for this.  Crying for more.  I can read my bible, pray, fast, and do so many other good things, but they are all just religious activities without the person at the heart of it all.  Jesus.  I feel in a way I’m coming back to Practicing His Presence.  That I want all my day to be walking in His presence.  I want to bow down and in humility find the Lord at the beginning of each day, then walk the day with Him always in my thoughts.  Each spare moment I pray to Him, in the Spirit and without.  I want to put aside my fantasies, my fictions and my daydreams and take up Jesus.  I want to stop this stupid business of pushing Him aside when He comes in the way of what I need to do, whether that’s work, family, entertainment.  Either God is all, or I am.

So I just listened to this teach from Neville’s series.  He spoke about the language of heaven.  The initial point is that it’s not just words.  God speaks to us through all sorts of things.  He can speak through words, through pictures, visions, feelings, even smells.  In a fallen world, our language has a lack of ability to express what it is that God is expressing.  Ever heard the saying a picture is worth a thousand words.  Same sort of deal.  God wants to communicate, but He can’t do it all through mere words.  On top of that, He’s communicating to our spirit.  If it were in words, it would have to go through our mind first which just doesn’t translate things correctly.  Often a feeling or picture can go through better.  Think on how many times in the Bible God communicated through a dream or vision, and not just through the words of a prophet.

So how do we begin to perceive this?  By staying in His presence, by knowing that He’s always talking, always working, and being open for anything coming.  Don’t just assume everything thing you hear, say or feel is just normal.  Perhaps that headache yesterday was a warning that you’re about to get in trouble.  Maybe that random pain in your knee was telling you that someone you’re about to meet has a problem with their knee.  Maybe that time you could swear you heard someone say your voice, it was God trying to catch your attention to tell you something.  Keep your eyes open, always be aware for something out of place and consider it.  Don’t be too busy to miss God moving.

I know sometimes I’ve looked down upon those that seem to find God in every mundane thing in life, but perhaps I judged to harshly.  Perhaps they had known something all along I missed, and that’s God is always there.  To this end we must practice His presence.  This is from the book I spoke of previously.  A monk whose job was to wash dishes found himself with a vibrant relationship with the Lord.  He lived back in the 1400’s, yet we still talk about him.  His key, to live in continual acknowledgment of the presence of God.  He made it a goal of his to never forget about God.  To always keep Him on his mind, to think about Him as he did every-day things.  He would meditate upon His goodness while washing dishes, or doing other chores.  You can read many of his letters encouraging others to do the same.  When we read about what he felt, the level of love he could feel from God, why don’t we all go after this.

Because there’s a cost.  We must give up our minds to His love.  We have to put aside all the pointless day-dreaming and the idols we’ve created and apply our mind to the Lord.  Most of us don’t have the determination to see this through to the point that our mind begins to become renewed by Him.  We like our comfortable spots too much and don’t push.

Bobby Connor released a post about pushing to the next level.  He was talking about God releasing something new to a part of the church, to those who are willing to take it and are ready.  The key is again our devotion to following the spirit, being willing to lay aside our lives and follow Him.

So obviously, today I’m starting to practice His presence again.  I’ll give updates as I go and try to talk about how it’s going, how successful I am at keeping my thoughts upon Him through the day.