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It was also about these men that Enoch, in the seventh generation from Adam, prophesied, saying, “Behold, the Lord came with many thousands of His holy ones, to execute judgment upon all, and to convict all the ungodly of all their ungodly deeds which they have done in an ungodly way, and of all the harsh things which ungodly sinners have spoken against Him.” – ‭‭Jude‬ ‭1:14-15‬ ‭NASB‬‬

Have you caught on that I like lists?

1. Enoch prophesied – this is our first indication that Enoch was more than just someone who pleased God. Not sure if I’d say he is a prophet, but he prophesied of the end times, and it’s important enough to show up in scripture.  I personally don’t think he was called as a prophet(not immediately).  In one of those verse on spiritual gifts you get the 5-fold offices, prophet, apostle, evangelist, etc.  I don’t think he was necessarily one of those.  I think he walked close to God and as you do that, God begins to manifest out of you. Was it not 1 Corinthians 13 that told us that love is better than all the spiritual gifts?  Because love is God, and the spirit will move in that, not just in gifts but in the spirit itself.

2.  Where did this quote come from?  Ever wonder about that?  Well, there’s a book of Enoch. We know from history this was one of the important books to Jews in Jesus time but it was lost for a long time and only popped back up in the last 100 years or less.   This is a quote directly from that book which in my eyes gives it a lot of credibility. It’s not the Bible, but neither are a lot of other books we read.

Ok, short list.  But this is the direction I am heading next.  The Book of Enoch.  I’ve already started reading it ( I read part of it before ).  Unfortunately this will take time for me to go slowly and think about it all.  I’m mainly looking for hints on His walk.  Not much there in the first couple chapters.


So next I want to go into the book of Enoch for a while. You can find it ——.


Now when Daniel knew that the document was signed, he entered his house (now in his roof chamber he had windows open toward Jerusalem); and he continued kneeling on his knees three times a day, praying and giving thanks before his God, as he had been doing previously. – Daniel 6:10

I think I finally get it.  I’ve read those scriptures that Daniel set aside 3 times a day to pray, and I always took it as, oh that’s some good thing he set up to do, and not something for myself.  Why?  Isn’t Daniel perhaps one of the men most to be respected.  Personally, I think it was Daniel that spoke with John in Revelation, who revealed the end times.  He said he was one of the prophets didn’t he?  I have no revelation on that, it just fits.

Anyway, so it hits me today.  Daniel was smart enough to realize that he needed to stop everything he did several times in a day to come back to God.  To walk in the presence of the Lord, to keep his focus upon Him, to line up his life with Him.  You can’t just go through your whole day without it.  Unlike me, he had the brains to realize that it wouldn’t just happen unless he made it happen.  That seems to be the key right.  In all these things, you plan to succeed.  What’s that saying, “if you fail to plan then you plan to fail”.  Do not trust that you can keep your mind on God all day.  Do not trust that time will just magically come.  If you need to, go to bed early.  Or stay up late.  Set aside some lunches, perhaps a schedule meeting in the morning.  Do what it takes to make sure you are coming back to God.  Always back to Him.



If you haven’t seen this, you should watch it.


I haven’t listened to Brad McClendon much before other than hearing at one of Paul Keith Davis’s School of the Spirit meetings.  The Simplicity of Jesus message was just amazing.  I think that’s where a bit of my last post came from.  I sort of forget.  I listen to so much that they blend together over time.  I just hope my spirit holds onto many of the truths.  I then went on to listen to the Lessons from Jesus.  If you hear some of how he walks with God, it’s amazing and discouraging.  Amazing that they have such a conversation, that the Lord comes to teach Him things.  Amazing that God moves in such a way.  Discouraging because I am so far away.  To see what some people have, and to look at my life, how much I have struggled, and to feel like I may never see this.  I feel sometimes like I have tried for a long time to find God, and that He’s just not near to me.  He is to others, but not me.

But as far as I know, that’s a lie from the enemy.  He is near to me, I just am not there yet.  God wants that relationship, but for one reason or another, I’m not there.  I could make up a number of reasons, but all I really know is that I need Him.  I am so hungry for Him.

These messages did do one thing for me.  I have decided that I am trying to build up my faith and my relationship on others too much.  I get that feeling of the nearness of God from listening to others talk about Him and not from my own walk.  I can’t live off of another’s relationship.  That’s a way to be introduced, but not a way to get to know.

So I’m cutting back on the messages, the books, the sermons.  I am cutting back on what others say, and opening up to what the Lord says.  I am devoting more of my time to worship, his presence, and prayer.  I wish to talk with Him throughout the day.  In the past I’ve had rare glimpses of Him answering.  I want those to be more common.  I want to be ready to listen at any time, to obey, and to allow myself to hear Him more clearly.

It’s not a pattern, it’s a person.

The Call

So I’m starting with a disclaimer.  I just want to say I am a nobody.  No seriously, I’m not talking “blessed are the poor in spirit” I’m nobody, but I am literally a nobody.  I am not a missionary, or a pastor, or a teacher, or any number of “valid” ministry professions.  I have not had any big God moments to validate my words.  Signs and wonders do not follow me.  I work as a computer programmer, and have a lot of thoughts and feelings about the Lord.  So, whenever I make any claims on here, or any big points, take it with a grain of salt.  If I were a pastor or teacher, I would say the same thing.  Run it through your spirit, see what that says.  Hold it up to the Word.  If it doesn’t resonate, leave it, but if it burns a fire in you, then take hold like I do.

Disclaimer aside, I want to talk about our call.  We are getting close to the end.  If you listen to any of the real prophets of our time, it’s right upon us.  No longer does it seem to be measure in generators or even decades, but possibly years.  I hear similar messages everywhere I turn, God is about to move, there’s a big harvest coming in.  Personally, I think walking with the Lord is a huge part of this.  God’s end-time army is going to do exploits that eclipse the early apostles(I wouldn’t believe it if it weren’t in scriptures).  The only way I see this done is for them to be so sold out, so completely given over, that they say as Jesus did “I do only what I see the Father doing”.  I believe this will need to walk with Angels, Saints, and the Lord himself.  It’s only in this sort of walk that they can do what needs to be done.   God has kept his remnant of those who walk like this.  I hear mostly from Neville Johnson and Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj, but I’m sure there are hundreds, thousands, perhaps millions of others hidden all over.

What I see is that this new army coming will need to learn this, and quickly.  There are not enough people walking in this, who can teach them, so God is raising up people to prepare for this.  The forerunners and pioneers are already out there, but the next generation to follow their steps is coming in.  That group will then be able to bring even more people to this point, and it will escalate.  That is where we are at.  This is not a statement of self-grandeur, but of opportunity.  Opportunity to get involved in a new level with the Lord, to serve and please Him, to make a difference in this coming battle.

I wonder how much this relates to the eagles in Rick Joyner’s book the Final Quest?  Remember those soldiers who would find the hidden doors and step out of the battle.  They would go down and spend time in the deep places, only to come out of the top of the mountain.  Some as eagles(usually considered prophets), can’t remember if they all were.  I can’t help but think this is the call for some people.  To actually step aside from some of the battle to draw deeper into God.  To seek that relationship and walk with Him that will lead them to find Him always at their side, to find His perfect will and walk only in that.  It’s not a glorious call, at least, not for any given amount of time.  It’s like an intercessor, you spend this time, sacrifice so much, and get no recognition from the world.  In fact, churches will often criticize because they see it as a waste, better to spend your time in their programs than in waiting upon the Lord.  And if my road is a similar road, it’s also devoid of recognition from the spiritual realm for a while as well.  Perhaps this is because the enemy is so against it.  As soon as you start to push, they attack and attempt to block you off.  You find yourself not seeming to make any ground for days,months, or years.

Yet I still feel the call.  The call to wait upon the Lord, to minister to Him.  To come to that place of relationship where I can interact and speak with Him.  It’s not necessarily a call to prophetic, to pastoring, etc.  It’s not a gift or ministry.  It’s a call to servitude, ministry, and perhaps most importantly, friendship.

Thanks to a previous comment, I now have something amazing.  Youtube videos of Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj.  I’ve heard his named mentioned by a couple other men of God that I listen to, and only had a small message or two of his, but here is a series of four messages of him talking exlusively about Waiting on God and Walking with God.  The same thing that I am desiring so badly.  Initially this just drove home the similarities between what he is preaching and what Neville has.  They come from different angles, but seem to have the same core truths.  Here’s the list that Sadhu gave of the five things to do to reach this.

1. Learn how to build fellowship with God(Sadhu) – Sounds like practicing His presence(Neville)

2. Learn how to properly meditate on the Word of God(Sadhu) – Revelation transforms our mind(Neville)

3. Learn the art of waiting on God(Sadhu) – Waiting on God, visualizing him(Neville)

4. Live a life of holiness(Sadhu) – Same basic message of holiness(Neville)

5. Live a life of obedience(Sadhu) – Bond-servant(Neville)

The only big difference I really saw was that Neville focused more on the visual piece of this.  For Him it was the waiting on God and picturing Him.  For Sadhu the focus was more on clearing your mind of everything and becoming completely still.  My main concern here is that when I become still, I don’t seem to have that love that I get by trying to focus my vision and feelings on the Lord.  Perhaps I should be visualize more during the day, thinking on him, focusing my love on Him, but then getting still and just waiting for Him.

So, having said this, the videos below are a must watch.  I went through them all in about 3 days, and it was just so much info, I’m having to go through them again.  He’s such a good speaker and he has sooo much to say.  It’s amazing the stories and how real he is.  It’ll stir you up.  Can’t think of much else to say.

Watch the video here